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Join the FREE 10-day coaching program

Thriving Through Perimenopause:
10Days To Healthier Hormones & A More Predictable Body!

Without prescription meds or restrictive diets

Your symptoms are not in your head,

You are NOT CRAZY!

Jan 22nd - Feb 2nd New Zealand Time (12pm daily)
Jan 21st - Feb 1st Eastern time (6pm daily)

If you're a busy, ambitious woman and have been feeling like you've gone from

structured, predictable and certain

to feeling like you’re going crazy,

like everything about your body is now unpredictable, & you’ve lost the ability to know yourself and function at your top capacity,

then this FREE 10 day coaching program is for you!


Thriving Through Perimenopause

An informative, action-taking coaching program for perimenopausal women who dream of going back to 'feeling normal & like their best self' again.

This program will help you understand your hormones, why your doctor has not been very helpful and how to THRIVE in your body again...

You'll learn the 5 Pillars to Thrive Through Perimenopause:

Pillar One 
Why Your Doctor Has Not Been Helpful

Learn why your blood results keep coming back as 'normal', all while you are feeling 'nothing-but-normal'.

Pillar Two
Real Solutions vs bandaids

Learn how to address your symptoms for good, so they'll never show up again!

Pillar Three 
Never do restrictive dieting again

Discover why all your previous diet efforts have been a total failure and what to do instead.

Pillar Four
The Emotional Rollercoaster

Experience calm every single day without the screaming matches and intense irritability

Pillar Five
The Proven Framework

Introducing the body&i   framework that helped dozens of my clients to consistently see life-changing results


You'll also get access to...

5 Key Pillars

Live Coaching

Weekly Q&A


Learn 5 of the key pillars for thriving through perimenopause without prescription drugs & restrictive diets.

Short, fast & high impact trainings to give you a clear path towards hormonal health.

Every week I'll answer your questions & help you come up with a health plan that is right for YOU.

Beautiful giveaways that will support your journey towards healthy and happy hormones!

Nice to meet you...

I'm Vandghie, your personal Hormone Coach for Thriving Through Perimenopause...

I’m a qualified Dietitian that have learned through my own health journey that there is waaaay more to women’s health than conventional diets and exercise or that you’re doctor is ever willing to admit.


I’ve developed the body&i    framework off the back of 14 years experience, that not only healed ME, but has helped dozens of other women to overcome their hardest health challenges to live in a body that is predictable, confident and vibrant.


Now I’m here to show you how to do the same and more…


Here's what others have to say...

"It was beyond what I expected and I am so glad I did it.

You will be hard pressed to find someone that can educate you so completely about hormones, and that becomes apparent straight away."


This 10 day program has been so good and has been life changing!


[the] strategies have made a HUGE difference even during my first cycle!

- Less irritability (almost none).

- Less cravings

- Less bloating

- Better sleep

I'm so excited to see how it will improve even more over the next few months.


Frequently Asked Questions...

When does the program start

The program starts on 10 July at 12pm NZT

(July 9th at 8pm EST)

What if I can't be there live for the sessions?

All trainings will be recorded and you can catch the replays  at a time that works for you for the duration of the program.

Is it seriously free?

Yes!! Free, free, free...

Where will these coaching sessions happen?

All sessions will be in Zoom and streamed live into the private Facebook pop-up group.  So choose where you would like to show up!

Image by Yulia Mostova

You can thrive again!

When your time in this coaching program is done, you'll have knowledge, tools and confidence to THRIVE THROUGH PERIMENOPAUSE!

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