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I'm a Dietitian on a mission to change the way women think about their health so they can live with purpose & impact the lives of their family and friends for the Gospel.

I'm Vandghie

Hello there!

I'm a proud homeschooler, wife and entrepreneur...

Being a homeschooling mum and homemaker has brought me more joy than any corporate job I've ever done.  But I've seen the major impact my health and wellness has on my family.  If I'm not taking good care of myself, they ultimately pay the price for it!

I believe that women can find the joy of marriage, parenting and life again when they can get rid of the fatigue, irritability, brain fog and dozens of other symptoms that come with perimenopause...

My approach to your health is holistic - with Christ (and the Bible) at the centre, focusing on the habits and strategies that are important for overall wellness ....  

The habits I typically teach you won’t involve the things that will drain you (like journalling drains me!).  Instead, you’ll learn habits that are easy to implement, right for you (and the rest of the family), and will help you go from survival to being present with your family.

"Doing HHA has literally changed my life.  I have energy for the first time, I feel healthy from the inside out.  My PMS symptoms have disappeared, my gut health is great and I feel like my hormones are more in balance"

Karina Tubman

I believe the medical advice that we receive is dangerously outdated, leading to medical gaslighting and women feeling like they are crazy!

Although I'm an entrepreneur, health coach and podcast host, there are some things in the world that I love waaay more than my business....

the people that I'm gifted with!
They're also the reason for my business!

I'm married to my best friend Michiel, and we have 2 beautiful children.  We firmly build our family on the foundation of Jesus Christ and aspire to live lives that honour Him!

Every day that I get to serve these 3 people brings so much joy to my heart and I'm truly grateful for the privilege of being a wife and mum!

It's not about whether you deserve to look after your own health and wellness...

but that you HAVE to look after yourself, in order to live a life of purpose, joy and intention!

Every area of my life is thriving, I have so much more capacity!

I have my life back!  I see my children, I laugh at them, my marriage is wonderful.  I get to fully enjoy the journey and there's still more of me to give in other areas of my life!

Tina de Wet

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