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I'm a Dietitian on a mission to change the way female entrepreneurs think about their health so they can play by their own rules, leading to less burnout, more financial success and absolute joy as they run a business and family at expert level!

I'm Vandghie

Hello there!

I'm a female entrepreneur myself!

I know first hand the amount of time, mental load and determination it takes to actually build and run a business as a woman!


I also know that when women play by the rules of the bros, we burn out and pay for our business with our health and possibly relationships.  It's because we have more roles to fulfil in life than men do.  We can't simply push aside parenting, running a household, caring for elderly parents and everything else, to focus all of our attention on the business...

The clients who work with me know that I’m able to teach them how to effortlessly prioritise self care, so they can effortlessly run their business in a way that fills their cup, and not leave them feeling drained and overwhelmed!

I believe that women can run their business in a way that leaves space for marriage, parenting and all aspects of life to feel great!

My approach to your health as an entrepreneur is holistic - focusing on the habits and strategies that will make your health PART of your business and not a side note....  The habits I typically teach you won’t involve the things that will drain you (like journalling drains me!).  Instead, you’ll learn habits that are easy to implement, right for you, and will help you go from survival to showing up as a powerful entrepreneur that knows how to create revenue, all while running a successful family & life.

I’ll help you establish lifestyle change that will enable you to run your business as the confident, powerhouse woman that you are.  I’m here as a true Chief Health Officer (CHO) to help successful entrepreneurs, like you, run themselves well, so they can run their business at expert level all of the time.

"Through my work with Vandghie, I was able to sell in a way that I haven't been able to sell in a very long time.  I felt so good... and that lead to the largest launch I've had in the business."

It was like a little switch went off inside my body & everything just started to function again!  I'm incredibly grateful to Vandghie for all the work to personalise that experience.

Jan Ditchfield

Business Mentor & Operations Expert

I believe the expectation that women should run their businesses the same way as men,
is just as outdated as the medical advice we receive from them!

Although I'm a successful entrepreneur, health coach and podcast host, there are some things in the world that I love waaay more than my business....

the people that I'm gifted with!
They're also the reason for my business!

I'm married to my best friend, and we have 2 beautiful children.

Every day, I'm determined to run my business in a way that prioritises THEM and makes them feel like the most important people in the world!  Cause to me they are...

And that's what I'm committed to teaching all of my clients too...

It's not about if you can create a successful business as a woman...

but if you can do it in a way that allows you to have it all & not pay for success with your health and family...

Every area of my life is thriving, I have so much more capacity!

I have my life back!  I see my children, I laugh at them, my marriage is wonderful.  I get to fully enjoy the journey and there's still more of me to give in other areas of my life!

Tina de Wet

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