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Helping women prioritise their health

I show my clients how to take care of themselves so they can love their husbands, children and be joyful homemakers.

so they can get back to living purposeful lives for Christ

Ready to take back your health and feel your best?

Ways to work with me:


Hormone Health Academy

Work with me directly in this small group coaching program to understand hormonal imbalance during perimenopause, implement the step-by-step hormone-healing health plan and get the incredible support from the HHA community and myself. 

  • Access the Hormone Health Academy digital course, including all video lessons, guides, workbooks and recipe plans with lifetime access.

  • 9 weeks of LIVE 60-minute group coaching & Q&A sessions with me to accelerate your healing and balancing your hormones.

  • Replay bank of all sessions for you to keep so you can come back as your hormone profile shifts.

Image by Andrew Neel

One on One Session

$160 per session / $500 for 5

These sessions are run via zoom and are highly personalised to your health needs.  Before we meet, I'll make recommendations around testing that can be done to provide us with a clearer picture of your current health status and the potential health plan.

I'll share with you a personalized health plan, including dietary adjustments, exercise recommendations, suggestions around nervous system regulation and supplements (depending on testing that we do).

I'll also provide support via Voxer for 2 weeks to provide you with further support and answer any other questions that may come up after our call.

"Doing HHA has literally changed my life.  I have energy for the first time, I feel healthy from the inside out.  My PMS symptoms have disappeared, my gut health is great and I feel like my hormones are more in balance."

Karina Tubman

Grab one of my freebies:

Free Masterclass

Best Kept Secrets To Regaining Control Of Your Hormones & Body Through Perimenopause

Learn what perimenopause is, why you should not settle for thinking it's 'normal' with ageing, why your doctor has been unhelpful and the 5 basic, easy habits you can implement from today to start taking control back of your hormones and your body.

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Wanna get my weekly hormone healing recipes?

Each week, I'm bringing new recipes to the recipe bank.  Get them all for free by requesting access below.

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