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Join dozens of women that have experienced the life-changing effects of regaining control of their hormones and body...

Hormone Health Academy


in less than 12 weeks

The online program to help you


Pull yourself out of teenage-like hormones

Predictable, Healthy & Thriving Hormones

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Monday 27 November @ 8pm EST

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what others are saying

"Your program is changing my life.  It initiated a lot of changes within me because I got mental clarity. My sleep is great, my relationship with my husband is wonderful now, & I continue seeing improvements with my kids.  
I’m not feeling like I’m losing control of my life anymore."
"I was exhausted & my mental health was heading down a dark & lonely road.  I was desperate for change...  My family is actually getting the best version of me now, and not the worst... ” 
“I’m finally sleeping & stopped relying on coffee.  I have so much energy now!  I’ve also seen a massive shift in my PMS after just 4 weeks!”  




I'll help you, so you can:

Understand why old strategies don’t work anymore and what to do instead;

Stop questioning your sanity, intellect, ability to problem solve and ability to understand your body;  and implement solutions that address the real, underlying cause

Stop feeling like you have no control over what your body will do next!

Stop googling and attending pointless doctors appointments, and implement a scientific based framework with ease

Go back to having successful, productive and high performing days, every day without the brain fog & fatigue; and

Rediscover your libido my friend!

Feel better than before having your babies!


I'm Vandghie

nice to meet ya!

I’m a Dietitian who help ambitious, busy women to regain control of their hormones and body through perimenopause!  After treating hundreds of women in my early years as a Dietitian, with very little to no results, I eventually experienced those symptoms first hand.

For years I felt desperate without any help and answers from my healthcare team, so I eventually turned back to the research to find the answers for myself and a new world opened up to me in terms of women’s health.  My health and life changed drastically in 7 weeks and then I discovered that there were many women in my immediate environment that silently suffered alongside me.

I want all women to discover the amazing freedom of understanding and supporting their body, so they too, can live full, happy and healthy lives, especially through perimenopause!  I created The Hormone Health Academy to help you heal the root cause of your hormonal imbalance through perimenopause and to teach you how to support the natural fluctuations of your hormones.


I hope to see you inside?

Natural Soap and Flowers
You might...

Feel Like You've Tried It All

but you still suffer from

PERIODS THAT DISRUPT your life for a large part of every month due to irregular, heavy, painful bleeding.
An EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER, IRRITABILITY & ANXIETY that is almost impossible to control and affects your relationships
A of LACK OF ENERGY, feeling tired all of the time and short tempered, too overwhelmed to even implement anything new
BRAIN FOG that causes lots of unproductive days and forgetfulness
WEIGHT GAIN despite your best efforts to eat less and exercise more
BLOATING and other gut sumptoms (gas, indigestion, diarrhoea, constipation)

If you would love to

understand the ROOT CAUSE of your symptoms,
so that you can understand & heal your body
live life on your own terms...


Hormone Health Academy

The step-by-step program that teaches you how to heal the ROOT CAUSE of your hormonal imbalance through what you eat, how you exercise and how you care for your gut and nervous system, in under 12 weeks, so you can thrive through perimenopause.


  • 8 modules
  • Educational Handouts
  • Lifetime access to course & any updates
  • 12 weeks of weekly small group coaching
  • Private Community
  • Direct Acces To Vandghie For Support
Self Study


  • 8 modules
  • Educational Handouts
  • Lifetime access to course & any updates

Payment Plans Available

The exact protocol that I used for myself and to help heal dozens of other women heal from:
Constant Fatigue
No longer wake up tired every morning or suffer from the dreadful 3pm slump 

Messy Periods
Experience periods that don't require pain meds, are predictable every time & flow that doesn't disrupt your life.

Chronic Inflammation
No more painful joints 

It's 'normal' to feel bloated at the end of each day, right?

Weight Gain
Lose the excess weight, doing exactly the opposite of what mainstream health & fitness tell you!

Brain Fog

You don't need to lose your train of thought mid sentence or forgot your words!  Mental clarity is the new name of the game!
Anxiety, Irritability & Emotional Rollercoasters
You don't have to yell at everyone all the time! 

Lumpy Breasts

No more cringing when hugging your kids against your chest

No more painful fingers with broken skin or needing gloves to do the dishes

I'm grateful every single day for a clear skin and that I don't need to patch up spots with foundation.

.... and so much more in 7 weeks
Image by Yehor Milohrodskyi

kind words

"Hormone Health Academy answer all those questions you've desperately been wanting answers for.
Why am I depressed, why am I always tired, why don't I have a libido, why can't I stop yelling at my kids, why am I always irritated...  Discovering this course has been an answer to so many prayers."
Tina de Wet

Hormone Health Academy

here's what ya get

Prep Module

Get Set Up For Success

In this module, I’ll help you step by step to prepare for success in implementing this program. 


No more overwhelm paralysis.You'll get settled into the support community and plugged into the student portal.

Module 02

Hormones & Your Menstrual Cycle

Your body is very unique, and therefore it is important to complete an assessment to determine what underlying hormonal imbalances you may have.  This will form the foundation of how you’ll understand and support your unique needs.

You’ll learn what hormones are, what a healthy menstrual cycle looks like and how this impacts your life daily.

Module 04

Healing Your Gut

Research has linked poor gut health to hormonal imbalance, poor mental health, an ineffective immune system, autoimmune disorders and many other conditions.

In this module you'll learn what the signs of poor gut health is, how to heal your gut first, and then to sustain a healthy gut through food, movement and nervous system regulation.

Module 06

Stress & The Nervous System

Stress is the single most biggest contributor to hormonal imbalance during Perimenopause.  This includes mental & physiological stress.

You'll learn the difference between the 2 & how to implement pockets of white space during the day to support nervous system regulation.  You'll also learn practical skills on how to identify signs of nervous system deregulation, and how to 'reset' the 'fight-or-flight' response with simple strategies.

Module 08

Living In Sync With Your Cycle

Learning to understand your menstrual cycle AND respect it during each of the 4 phases is a major contributor to learning how to regain control of your hormones and your body during perimenopause.

This skill will put you back at the steering wheel of your body.

This is one of my favourite modules and one that have transformed my life!

Module 01

Complete Reset

In this module, I’ll help you step by step to  implement the Complete Hormone Reset plan, which has been designed based on the latest research in women’s health and will help you get fast results.


You’ll learn to easily implement change in a way that is not overwhelming and you'll learn to adjust it to suit your family and circumstances.

You’ll still eat foods that you love, without being confined by restrictions.

Module 03

Insulin & Blood Glucose

Your eating habits affects your blood glucose and insulin response in a major way.  

When insulin is poorly regulated, it directly affects and increases cortisol, which leads to very unhappy sex hormones.

In this module you'll learn simple strategies to regulate blood glucose, insulin and cortisol through what and how you eat.

Module 05

Improving Liver Function

Your liver performs more than 500 functions daily, including hormone regulation and elimination.

You'll learn how to improve liver function daily through intentional nutritional habits, without giving up the things you love.

Module 07


Sleep is the body's mechanism of healing.  

In this module you'll learn about sleep hygiene, ways to avoid waking during the night and implement a solid sleep routine so that you can increase those healing sleep hours to about 8 hours a night.

By now you’ve probably noticed that this isn’t your typical one-size-fits-all health program…

here's why it's different


You'll discover & address the
ROOT CAUSE of your symtoms


It's personalised to work for YOUR UNIQUE BODY


Designed by a QUALIFIED DIETITIAN & based on latest research

and here is proof that it works:

Image by Tavin Dotson
"I was diagnosed with diabetes & endometriosis.  Turns out I was just severely hormonally imbalaced.

I lost 4kg (8.8lb) within the first few weeks & 8kg (17.6lb) by the end of the program.  I discovered my libido, my eczema cleared & so did my mood swings after about 7 years of struggling.  What I've seen in 9 weeks has been major!"

so are you ready to...

heal your hormones and body for good so you can have energy, a clear mind & skin, a libido and non-dramatic periods?

Join Hormone Health Academy Today!



  • 8 modules
  • Educational Handouts
  • Lifetime access to course & any updates
  • 12 weeks of weekly small group coaching
  • Private Community
  • Direct Acces To Vandghie For Support
Self Study


  • 8 modules
  • Educational Handouts
  • Lifetime access to course & any updates

Payment Plans Available

Image by Allison Wopata

And if that's not enough to make you go:

"heck yes!"

I've got some BONUSES for you to fast-track your healing:

Bonus 1

Implementation Call

This small group coaching call will help you get set up for success.  I'll answer all your burning questions and help you to adjust the plan to your unique circumstances.


I'm adding this bonus, because I've experienced how this extra support will ease the overwhelm and increases your chances for success!  I'm excited to meet you on this call!


Bonus 2

28-day Meal Plan

Carefully compiled 4 week meal plan that supports hormonal healing.  All meals and snacks are included for 28 days, PLUS all of the recipes AND shopping lists.  All you need to do is order the groceries online, collect and cook!

Bonus 3

Private Community (off of social media)

Be surrounded by a community of women that share their wins, struggles and encouragement to cheer you on! 

This is where you’ll learn what works for others, so you can explore and find solutions, whether it’s for your restricted schedule, family resistance or mental blocks.  You’ll make friends as you journey together with these amazing women inside a private Facebook community.

Bonus 4

Libido Mini Course

Carefully compiled 4 week meal plan that supports hormonal healing.  All meals and snacks are included for 28 days, PLUS all of the recipes AND shopping lists.  All you need to do is order the groceries online, collect and cook!

Nature Tokens
  • Will you be recommending some expensive testing to be done and supplements to be used?
    HHA is designed to teach you the basics of hormonal and women’s health, which mainly includes nutrition, exercise and nervous system regulation. I make recommendations around testing and supplements, but it is not required for you to see results. However, this has to be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • What happens if I can’t join a live VIP coaching call? Will I miss out?
    Absolutely not! As a mom myself, I absolutely know what life can be like! The call recordings will be available inside the student portal within one hour after the call. All call recordings are also made available as audio recordings, so you can listen to them on the run as you would do a podcast.
  • How much time do I need to set aside each week for consuming the content and implementation?
    You will need approximately 30-40 minutes for our live calls each week and anything between 10 and 30 minutes for the recorded content (you work through this part at your own pace). On top of that, you might need an additional 30-60 minutes for planning and implementation, especially in the first week. This might be less, as it is likely to replace practices that you’re already implementing (i.e. meal planning, exercise, etc).
  • Is there a time restriction for completing the program?
    You get lifetime access to all of the content and the entire course, so you can do it in YOUR timeline. However, those who progress through the content as soon as possible after joining, tend to get the best results. So I highly recommend that you engage in the content and group coaching sessions as soon as possible after joining HHA.
  • Will I have to follow a restrictive diet?
    The first thing you’ll learn inside HHA is how to STOP dieting. For the first 9 weeks, I recommend some changes in your diet to allow your gut, liver and hormones to heal. Thereafter, you’ll learn principles that you’ll be able to implement in your daily life that will support your body through nutritious food, appropriate movement/exercise and simple strategies to heal your nervous system. No restrictions!
  • Will I have to stop using my hormonal contraception?
    If you are on any form of contraception, I would LOVE to have you in the Hormone Health Academy! This is where you will receive information to be able to make an informed decision. I will not hold anything back and tell you ALL the facts that most healthcare providers never share, so you can make an informed decision.
  • Is HHA suitable for me if I have a chronic condition?
    The program is designed to support healing, based on research. Therefore, following the HHA protocol will support healing of various different conditions, including chronic disease.
  • Is this program suited to women older than 40 or that have gone through menopause already?
    The Hormone Health Academy is mainly aimed at women that have not gone through menopause yet. However, the principles will support hormonal health throughout all life stages.
  • What if I don’t have my period anymore. Will this program work for me?
    Absolutely! Periods only form one small part of the complete cycle. Even though you may not be bleeding, you are likely to still be experiencing a hormonal cycle. There may be small exceptions to this rule, i.e. certain medical conditions or if you've had a complete oophorectomy. I’ll teach you how to track your menstrual cycle if you don’t experience menstrual bleeding any longer (potentially due to an ablation or hysterectomy).

still not sure if HHA is right for you?

HHA is a perfect fit if:


You’re a busy mom with a career and full, busy life


You’re tired of being at the mercy of your body or feeling stuck inside your skin


You want to find real solutions that will ‘fix’ the underlying cause of your symptoms and not just slap a band-aid on them.


You’re ready to implement a step-by-step program

Join Hormone Health Academy Today!



  • 8 modules
  • Educational Handouts
  • Lifetime access to course & any updates
  • 12 weeks of weekly small group coaching
  • Private Community
  • Direct Acces To Vandghie For Support
Self Study


  • 8 modules
  • Educational Handouts
  • Lifetime access to course & any updates

Payment Plans Available

Paymet Plans
"Working with Vandghie has totally transformed my life.  After years of not understanding my body, I am finally listening and loving it and I don't know if I've ever felt this good!
I now have consistent energy levels & a more stress-free approach to life"
"I was blown away by the wealth of knowledge, and how well Vandghie understood my body and my symptoms.
HHA provided a way for me to enter a journey of healing.  My results have been better than I ever imagined!"

"I have my life back!

I see my children, laugh at them, my marriage is wonderful... every area of my life is thriving. I have so much more capacity. I get to fully enjoy my journey as a mother and wife, and there's still more of me to give in other areas of my life!"

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Hormone Health Academy

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