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I'm Vandghie


I teach perimenopausal women how to

HEAL their periods and hormones naturally


Join me in one of my online courses or coaching programmes.

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- learn what your period type might be saying about your hormones

- learn natural ways that you can start healing your period and hormones today

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Rone, NSW, Australia

"Before starting the course I was exhausted and my mental health was heading down a dark and lonely road…

When I signed up, I didn’t really know what to expect, I was just desperate for change… and Vandghie has helped me to turn all the bad around for the best! 


My family is actually getting the best of me now and not the worst like a few months ago…"

Helene, Canada

"Your program is changing my life!

It initiated a lot of changes within me because I got mental clarity.

My sleep is great, my relationship with my husband is wonderful now, & I continue seeing improvements with my kids.

I'm not feeling like I'm losing control of my life anymore."

Hannah, New Zealand

"I was diagnosed with diabetes & endometriosis.  Turns out I was just severely hormonally imbalanced. 

I lost 4kg (8.8lb) within the first few weeks & 8kg (17.6lb) by the end of the program.  

I discovered my libido, my eczema cleared & so did my mood swings after about 7 years of struggling. 


What I've seen in 9 weeks has been major!"


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