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94: The Power Of A Chief Health Officer In Your Business

A vast majority of successful female entrepreneurs and executives are noticing a decline in their health and relationships due to the stress of running a business. We end up paying for our business success with our health and relationships, while better health and relationships are probably 2 of the main reasons why we start businesses in the first place.

In order to take back our health and vitality, it's crucial for high performing women and business owners to not seperate their health from business, but rather prioritize their wellness as part of a well planned business strategy. A Chief Health Officer (CHO) can play a strategic role in your personal and business growth and have a significant impact on both your health and Revenue.

The Perimenopause Problem

Perimenopause is a transitional phase leading up to menopause that can cause a variety of symptoms including fatigue, brain fog, and difficulty sleeping. These symptoms can significantly impact a woman's ability to perform at her best, but research on this topic is relatively new.

A recent study from New Zealand shows a significant lack of support for women experiencing perimenopause in the workplace. This lack of support can lead to a decrease in productivity and a negative impact on the overall health of the business. Several other studies have been conducted in this area and have shown an ROI of between $1.5 and $6 for every dollar spent on wellness. Wellness programs that are specifically tailored to address the needs of high-performing women experiencing perimenopause can have an even greater impact. Investing in your health and wellness simply is a business strategy that can no longer be ignored.

What is a Chief Health Officer?

A Chief Health Officer, similar to a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or Chief Financial Officer (CFO), are strategic and crucial to business growth and helps business owners and executives design and implement strategic health and wellness programs that address their specific needs.

These programs consider not just physical health but also mental, emotional, and family needs.

Why Your Business Needs a CHO

1.Energy and Resilience

In a world of constant competition, building a successful business is a marathon, not a sprint. And it’s often those who have the energy and resilience to stay in the race who end up winning.

Running a business demands relentless energy and resilience and it’s the Entrepreneurs who prioritize their health that equip themselves to overcome obstacles with resilience and adaptability. Nurturing physical and mental well-being becomes the cornerstone for powering that entrepreneurial drive, leading to sustainable success.

2. Stress Management and Clarity

Stress is a constant companion for entrepreneurs and business owners. 

It’s also an important part of business: drives deadlines and gives us something to push and work for.  We shouldn’t try to get rid of it all together.

But  those who value their well-being understand the significance of managing stress effectively. 

It’s critical to learn how to regulate the stress response and the nervous system, so that you can have mental clarity which empowers strategic decisionmaking, contributes to the growth and prosperity of your ventures.

3. Work Life Balance

Entrepreneurs who embrace well-being recognize that success transcends work alone. 

My definition of success includes personal wellbeing, family wellbeing and my contribution to my community.

Generally, female entrepreneurs start businesses because of reasons that far transcends money. Meaningful change

Balancing personal and professional life becomes pivotal to maintaining a healthy mindset, fosters motivation, collaboration, and an environment that breeds entrepreneurial success.

4. Preventative Health Care

Time is a precious asset in entrepreneurship. Smart business owners view preventive health care as an investment, not an indulgence. Regular health checkups enable early detection of potential health issues, ensuring minimal disruptions to their business pursuits. By proactively safeguarding their well-being, entrepreneurs fortify their enterprises for long-term growth.

5. Prioritizing Health As a Business Owner

Prioritizing means we are scheduling important things and setting KPIs

As a founder and business owner, I know firsthand how stressful and all-consuming starting and running a business can be. Long hours, sleepless nights, and not listening to my body caused me to be anxious, irritable, and sick constantly. I now carve out time to make sure that my body is getting what it needs, to take preventive steps in the wake of sickness, and to advocate for those in my personal and professional life to do the same.

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