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Peak Performance Bootcamp:

A 5-Day Wellbeing Kickstarter for Ambitious Female Entrepreneurs & Executives to Thrive in Business and Prevent Burnout & Fatigue

The 4-step framework to get rid of fatigue, anxiety, overwhelm, weight gain, poor sleep, brain fog, poor focus and concentration so you can
run your business at PEAK PERFORMANCE again.

Mar 25-29 2pm Eastern Time (11am Pacific Time)

You don't have to pay for success with your health and relationships.

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You know that things have changed. 
You feel exhausted, unmotivated, overwhelmed and you find yourself doing just enough work to get by...

You know you need to take better care of yourself, but you're already so overwhelmed by what you need to juggle that you have no idea where you'll find more time for self care!

You've probably also had some testing and investigations done by your GP but all test results came back 'normal'.  Or they simply don't have an answer for your symptoms.

Well after years of helping high performing women, I'll be showing you how to regain your energy, mental clarity, improve your mood, and get rid of the bloat & sticky weight without prescription drugs, restrictive diets, lengthy self-care routines or hands full of supplements.

This is the framework you won't hear about from your healthcare team (including dietitian)

How hormones impact your business and revenue and how to use this as your secret weapon to sustained energy, productivity & increased revenue

Identify your hormonal profile and understand the impact on your business.  Learn the steps to create hormonal balance and overall vitality & wellbeing

Learn the daily habits that require minimal time to get your body to peak physical & mental  performance, so you can have your true IMPACT

All of that plus...

3 Key Trainings

Learn the 4 step framework for balancing your hormones so you can get your body to peak mental and physical performance without prescription drugs, restrictive diets or hands full of supplements.


Complete my unique Energy Assessment to determine risk of burnout AND the Hormone Profile Assessment to determine what your specific hormonal imbalance is & how that impacts your business.


I'll answer all your questions and help you work through your health strategy with my 13+ years of experience as a Dietitian and Executive Wellbeing & Peak Performance Coach.


Stand the chance to win some beautiful giveaways that will support your journey towards healing your hormones and getting your body back to peak mental and physical performance.

This live bootcamp is for you if...


"I'm ready to get rid of the brain fog, fatigue, lack of motivation and overwhelm."

Learn how your hormonal profile affects all of the factors that impact your productivity and ultimately your revenue.

"I'm tired of being the 'yelly mommy' and my family is not getting the best version of me"

Learn how to maintain peak performance in your business and then having enough of 'you' left for the important things in life.



"I'm ready to get rid of the anxiety and be the multi-tasking queen that I know I am!"

You know the anxiety you've been living with is not situational and you're not sure how to resolve it.  You desperately do not want to go on chronic medication but you NEED to feel like your old self again.

"Through my work with Vandghie, I was able to sell in a way that I haven't been able to sell in a very long time.  I felt so good... and that lead to the largest launch I've had in the business."

It was like a little switch went off inside my body & everything just started to function again!  I'm incredibly grateful to Vandghie for all the work to personalise that experience.

Jan Ditchfield

Business Strategist & Operations Expert

Hey there, I'm Vandghie (VUN-gee)

I'm a Dietitian (not your typical dietitian) and Executive Wellbeing & Peak Performance Coach, and I'm determined to make it easy for women in business to have energy, happiness and peak performance.

For 13 years I've practiced as a Dietitian, supporting women in business for the last 5 to create more freedom in their lives through health.


Years ago, I hit burnout and lost my passion for my career and things I used to love.  I didn't know my body any longer and I was exhausted, irritable, overweight and generally unhappy.  I suffered from many 'normal for my age' symptoms.  All this while doing all the 'right things'.

I understand the pressure and challenges of high-performing women. Through my personal experience and helping dozens of women, I know the recovery plan to peak physical & mental health so you can be your best in all areas of your life.

Frequently Asked Questions...

We officially kick things off on Monday, Mar 25 at 2pm Eastern (11am Pacific) and it'll run for 5 consecutive days.  Make sure  to sign up today to secure your seat for this free training.

When does the bootcamp start?

What happens if I can't make it live?

We've got you covered!  All of the trainings will be available on replay so you can watch them on your own time and complete the bootcamp at your own pace.  You'll receive a copy of the replay delivered to your inbox every day.

I'm not sure if this bootcamp is for me, can you explain who it is for?

If you're a female entrepreneur, business owner or executive, this bootcamp is for you.  This bootcamp is aimed at high achieving, ambitious women that have achieved success in their career but know that they've been paying for that success with their health and even their relationships.

I've done some health programs before, will I learn anything new here?

Yes you will!  I can guarantee that this is not your typical health coaching program.  My approach is holistic, taking into consideration the unique physiology of women and how hormonal cycles and significant reproductive phases impact every aspect of our lives, including how we run a business (hello perimenopause!)

Do I need Facebook to participate?

While the bootcamp will be held in a private pop-up Facebook group, you can still participate via email if you prefer.  All of the trainings will be sent on replay by email for you to access on your own time, as well as being able to submit questions via email for Vandghie to answer during the Q&A session.  We'd love to have you in the Facebook group but fully understand that it's not everyone's jam ;)

Will you be teaching any diet and exercise tactics?

Although nutrition and movement are really important parts of wellbeing, it's not the be all and end all.  This bootcamp will primarily be focused on the hormonal changes that perimenopausal women experience (ages 31-55) and how these impact our health and business success.  You'll get the opportunity to know your body better through the questionnaires and quizzes, meaning you'll be able to address the real cause of your symptoms which is often not what you think it would be.

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