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Secrets To Reignite Your [Sexy] Second Act


What if you could finally enjoy and look forward to intimacy with your husband without feeling guilty or obligated?


Join my exclusive 5-day bootcamp and discover your libido again after all these years.

With my step-by-step guidance, you'll learn how to understand the flows of your libido and how to find the fun and excitement in intimacy again.


Image by Melissa Askew

After this masterclass series, you'll have:

>> A clear understanding of the normal ebs and flows of the female libido and how to make the most of the highs

>> Know the key factors that will affect your desire for intimacy and implement habits that will support this natural process

>> Implement an action plan that will sustain not only your libido, but also your energy and increase your confidence in your skin

>> Learn the language & strategies to share with your husband, so he can support these new discoveries.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

The Daily Schedule

Day 1: Why Having A Healthy Libido Matters

Monday, 11 September at 1pm NZ time

You'll learn:

  • why a healthy libido matters

  • the root causes of low libido

  • how to have a constructive conversation with your husband that will help you both grow together

Day 3: Setting The Scene

Starts Wednesday, 13 September at 1pm NZ time

Setting the scene for intimacy takes more than lighting a few candles and turning on some romantic music.  It's an ongoing process that has to become your (and your husband's) new normal.

In this session, you'll learn about the consistent habits that will 'set the scene' for your body.

Day 2: Female Libido - The Ebs & Flows

Tuesday, 12 September at 1pm NZ time

You'll learn:

  • how your libido is connected to your menstrual cycle

  • how messy periods and zero cervical mucus goes hand-in-hand with low (or no) libido

  • teaching your husband how to support you through the phases of your cycle, so you can benefit from the more intimate phases

Day 4: Get Ready To Unlock The Secrets Of Blissful Connections with Dr. Kassie Dewitt

Starts Thursday, 14 September at 1pm NZ time

Join Dr. Kassie Dewitt, OTD as she dives into the art of nurturing your pelvic well-being for a more joyous and vibrant intimacy experience.

Day 5: Let's Take It Slow Baby

Starts Monday, 11 September at 1pm NZ time

Taking it slow between the sheets is not the most important pace to consider.  This session is all about being mindful of your daily pace, but also how to include playfulness in your life in a way that will set the stage for intimacy.

You'll also get access to:

Bonus #1: Limited Time Replays

Image by Kerri Shaver

Can't make it live or need some extra time to implement what you're learning?  As one of my bootcampers, you'll receive an exclusive 7-day access to the replay of each power-packed training session. 


This means you can revisit the content at your convenience, giving you the flexibility to fully absorb it all.

Bonus #2: Bonus Masterclass

Get ready for this additional masterclass that is reserved exclusively for you, my Libido Bootcampers. 


You will get the opportunity to vote on one of three potential masterclass topics to compliment what you learn inside the Libido bootcamp.  Bring your best suggestions, I'm happy to consider them all!

Bonus #3: Bonus Pelvic Session With Expert Dr. Kassie Dewitt

Image by Fadi Xd

Dr. Kassie Dewitt is a doctor of occupational therapy and teaches women how to stop leaking urine and correct other pelvic health issues (psst. this has a DIRECT link to your desire for intimacy).

You'll love this session and if you join as a VIP,  you'll get access to her in a private Q&A session too!

UPGRADE to be a VIP and also get:

Daily Q&A Sessions After Each Call

Image by Ian Schneider

My Q&A sessions are known for offering a whole lot of value that will be relatable and implementable.  My aim is to help you take the information that you've learned during the bootcamp and make it specific to YOUR life and situation.

Lifetime Access To

All Recordings

Image by Kelly Sikkema

When you join as a VIP, all call recordings will be yours to keep!

This means you can come back to the sessions whenever you need a refresher or some of the session times won't suit you.

Private VIP Telegram Channel

Image by Michael Fenton

As one of my VIPs, you'll get exclusive access to a private Telegram channel where I'll be sharing exclusive insights.

Get some behind-the-scenes information, thoughts and inspiration...

what others are saying

My libido is coming back, yay!


"I discovered my libido after massively struggling since having my kids (10 years!)."


"My libido is back! My husband is a police officer, & he was trying his brand new uniform today, and BAM!! It's as if I was hit by cupid's arrow!"



I'm Vandghie

nice to meet ya!

I’m a Dietitian who help ambitious, busy women to thrive through perimenopause!

After treating hundreds of women in my early years as a Dietitian, with very little to no results, I eventually experienced those symptoms first hand (including ZERO libido). 

For years I felt desperate without any help and answers from my healthcare team, so I eventually turned back

to the research to find the answers for myself and a new world opened up to me in terms of women’s health. My health and life changed drastically in 7 weeks and then I discovered that there were many women in my immediate environment that silently suffered alongside me.

I wanted all women to discover the amazing freedom of understanding and supporting their body, so they too, can live full, happy and healthy lives, especially through perimenopause!


I create programs to support women through the very real challenges of perimenopause, including my signature program The Hormone Health Academy.  My approach is to help you heal the root cause of your hormonal imbalance and  teach you how to support the natural fluctuations of your hormones.

I hope to see you inside?

Libido Bootcamp


Join the full 5-day workshop series

  • 5 Days of workshops

  • Workbooks

  • Bonus Masterclass (to be voted for by all participants)

  • Bonus Session - Pelvic Floor Expert Kassie Dewitt

Libido Bootcamp


Join the full 5-day workshop series

  • 5 Days of workshops

  • Workbooks

  • Bonus Masterclass (to be voted for by all participants)

  • Bonus Session - Pelvic Floor Expert Kassie Dewitt

  • Lifetime access to all recordings

  • Bonus Daily Q&A Session after each call

  • Bonus VIP Telegram Channel

Image by Yehor Milohrodskyi
"My marriage is wonderful, I won't go into too much detail about that...;-)"
Tina de Wet
Nature Tokens
  • Will you be recommending some expensive testing to be done and supplements to be used?
    HHA is designed to teach you the basics of hormonal and women’s health, which mainly includes nutrition, exercise and nervous system regulation. I make recommendations around testing and supplements, but it is not required for you to see results. However, this has to be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • What happens if I can’t join a live VIP coaching call? Will I miss out?
    Absolutely not! As a mom myself, I absolutely know what life can be like! The call recordings will be available inside the student portal within one hour after the call. All call recordings are also made available as audio recordings, so you can listen to them on the run as you would do a podcast.
  • How much time do I need to set aside each week for consuming the content and implementation?
    You will need approximately 30-40 minutes for our live calls each week and anything between 10 and 30 minutes for the recorded content (you work through this part at your own pace). On top of that, you might need an additional 30-60 minutes for planning and implementation, especially in the first week. This might be less, as it is likely to replace practices that you’re already implementing (i.e. meal planning, exercise, etc).
  • Is there a time restriction for completing the program?
    You get lifetime access to all of the content and the entire course, so you can do it in YOUR timeline. However, those who progress through the content as soon as possible after joining, tend to get the best results. So I highly recommend that you engage in the content and group coaching sessions as soon as possible after joining HHA.
  • Will I have to follow a restrictive diet?
    The first thing you’ll learn inside HHA is how to STOP dieting. For the first 9 weeks, I recommend some changes in your diet to allow your gut, liver and hormones to heal. Thereafter, you’ll learn principles that you’ll be able to implement in your daily life that will support your body through nutritious food, appropriate movement/exercise and simple strategies to heal your nervous system. No restrictions!
  • Will I have to stop using my hormonal contraception?
    If you are on any form of contraception, I would LOVE to have you in the Hormone Health Academy! This is where you will receive information to be able to make an informed decision. I will not hold anything back and tell you ALL the facts that most healthcare providers never share, so you can make an informed decision.
  • Is HHA suitable for me if I have a chronic condition?
    The program is designed to support healing, based on research. Therefore, following the HHA protocol will support healing of various different conditions, including chronic disease.
  • Is this program suited to women older than 40 or that have gone through menopause already?
    The Hormone Health Academy is mainly aimed at women that have not gone through menopause yet. However, the principles will support hormonal health throughout all life stages.
  • What if I don’t have my period anymore. Will this program work for me?
    Absolutely! Periods only form one small part of the complete cycle. Even though you may not be bleeding, you are likely to still be experiencing a hormonal cycle. There may be small exceptions to this rule, i.e. certain medical conditions or if you've had a complete oophorectomy. I’ll teach you how to track your menstrual cycle if you don’t experience menstrual bleeding any longer (potentially due to an ablation or hysterectomy).
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