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Female Entrepreneurs Should Not Have To Pay For A Successful Business With Their Health & Relationships

Hey there, I'm Vandghie!  I'm delighted to have you here, a place where successful female entrepreneurs learn how to keep themselves in prime shape, so they can successfully run their business and family EFFORTLESSLY!

I'm here as an invested health strategist, helping women like you to take care of themselves, so they can pour their undivided attention, time and resources into their business and family and leave an impactful legacy.

If you're looking for your first (or next) Chief Health Officer, aka CHO, look no further!  Let's get you running your business as a female entrepreneur at peak performance!





The new approach to building a business that doesn't steal your joy, mental clarity or passion

As a female entrepreneur, you took on the gigantic task of building a business because you wanted time and money freedom for your family's sake.  Your biggest goal in life is to perform the roles of mother and wife WELL.

But the way you are being taught by the 'big names' to get to the 6 and 7 figure revenue mark, often leaves you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and riding that emotional rollercoaster.  So instead of feeling the joy and drive that comes from running a successful, meaningful business, you often feel burnt out.

As a qualified dietitian, specialising in women's hormonal health for busy women just like you, I bring strategies that won't leave you paying for your business with your health!

I'm here as a Chief Health Officer, to teach successful ambitious women like you to run themselves well by balancing their hormones through perimenopause, so they can run their business AND family effortlessly, and LOVE the ride...



Explore some of my free resources to start balancing your hormones so you can focus your energy and mental capacity on the things that need it the most (aka your business and family)

Free Masterclass

Best Kept Secrets To Regaining Control Of Your Hormones & Body Through Perimenopause

Learn what perimenopause is, why you should not settle for thinking it's 'normal' with ageing, why your doctor has been unhelpful and the 5 basic, easy habits you can implement from today to start taking control back of your hormones and your body.

Where female entrepreneurs learn to be in prime health condition

By Putting YOU On Your Schedule And Get Back To Business

The women that work with me are ambitious, driven and determined to get the business, family and life they want without paying for it all with their health!  My online programs will help you master the habits and strategies to prioritise your health, so you'll have more mental clarity, energy and passion to pour into your business.


Hormone Health Academy Self Study

The #1 hormone healing program for women, providing you with a proven system to heal the root cause of hormonal imbalance so you can regain your energy, mental clarity, stable emotions (aka joy) and non-disruptive periods.


Hormone Health Academy Intensive

Personal guidance for 35-55 year old women through 12 weeks of coaching and personal support to address the root cause of your hormonal imbalance and get you back to THRIVE in your body, business, and life.


VIP Program

A 12-month program for entrepreneurs who want strategic guidance from me (their Chief Health Officer) to master the day-to-day habits of health & wellness so they can grow a 6- or 7-figure business as a woman in business.

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"It's been 2 weeks on the plan & I've been feeling the difference.  My fatigue isn't nearly as awful and all my symptoms are either gone or subsided significantly.

Toni Gonzalez

Online Business Owner-
Chef Raf & Toni


"Honestly, I'm blown awaay by the transformation I'm experiencing.  I couldn't thank you enough.  I feel like I was having burn out & your course is making me snap out of it pretty quickly"

Helene Hebert

Garden Consultant & Online Course Creator

The Perimenopause Podcast

Looking for a podcast that can serve as your trusted hormone health mentor, helping you to be in top health condition as an entrepreneur and navigate the challenges as a female business owner?  You just found it!


Find the perimenopause podcast on:

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Each episode of The Perimenopause Podcast is packed with actionable advice and strategies to help you succeed as a female entrepreneur without paying with your health. Whether you're looking to get rid of debilitating symptoms, or just crank up your health to crank up your revenue, Vandghie has the tips and insights you need to succeed.

Vandghie answer all those questions you've desperately been wanting answers for.
Why am I depressed, why am I always tired, why don't I have a libido, why can't I stop yelling at my kids, why am I always irritated...  this has been an answer to so many prayers."

Tina de Wet

Wanna get my weekly updates?

Each week, I'm bringing you straight facts, tips and healthy inspiration to your inbox to help you be in top physical condition, so you can effortlessly run your business and family while enjoying the ride.

Welcome to my little corner...

I'm Vandghie

I'm a qualified Dietitian with 14 years of professional experience and 5 years of living with hormonal imbalance before figuring it out!  Now I'm a health & wellness coach (aka CHO) for successful female entrepreneurs, a homeschooling mum, incredibly blessed wife and the host of The Perimenopause Podcast.  Thanks for joining me in my little corner of the internet!

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