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E64: My Podcast Rebrand Is Here

Join me on my last episode of the Beauty in Balance podcast, before my podcast rebrand is happening next week!

I'm truly so excited to roll this out, and for the courses that are coming your way (because you asked!).


Hello my friend, and welcome to episode 64, which is in fact the last episode for the beauty in balance podcast

Before you panic, it’s definitely not the last episode with me!

If you’ve listened to last week’s episode, you’ll remember that I talked about how the changes of 2023 for our family has led me to rethink my business. Who am I serving and what am I offering to the women that I serve?

So in today’s little shorty episode, I’’m sharing with you those changes. And as of next week, The Beauty In Balance Podcast will have had a rebrand and the focus of the content will shift slightly.

Now before I reveal all of that information, I thought it might be good to share the history of the beauty in balance podcast.

At the end of 2021, while I was still only putting content out in the form of a blog, I realised that I wanted to connect with the ladies that I serve at a more personal level. I wanted to have conversations with women as they were going for their walks, driving to work, cooking meals for their families, doing the washing, putting on makeup in the morning or whenever it is that you can find a little bit of time to consume information and develop yourself.

I also knew that, as a mum, I hardly ever had time to sit down and read anything, but I’m probably listening to at least 1 podcast episode on a daily basis. And so I knew having a podcast would put solutions in more women’s hands than a blog would.

So in January 2022, I launched my podcast.

It was called Beauty in Balance, because I firmly believe that healing and joy comes when we manage to put all things in balance.

Our hormones, where we spend our time, how much we give of ourselves, our food, the exercise that we do, everything.

And for the last 19 months, I’ve put an episode out every single week, except for the months of March, April and May, which was the time that we went through all of that change as a family.

And I’ve loved every second of it.

The episodes were aimed at all women, mostly mums, all across the world, that have no idea what hormonal imbalance looks like and what can be done about it.

But going forward, my content will be specifically focused on ambitious women in business who wants to thrive through perimenopause. And the reason for this, is that I can so closely relate to these women. I’m in that position myself, juggling everything that all women are already juggling, PLUS the extra responsibility of a business.

And my aim is to always be authentic. I never want to give advice on things where I have no idea. I wanna be able to support women with full confidence, but also in a way that comes across as empathetic and supportive.

This doesn’t mean that women who don’t run a business won’t get any benefit from the episodes that I’ll be releasing, it just means that the content will be very specific to women in business.

And as of next week, the rebrand will happen, with the new rollout of The Perimenopause Podcast: Helping ambitious women in business to thrive through perimenopause.

I would be so very grateful if you could share the podcast with any women out there that you know will benefit from the content and need to hear the things that I’m talking about!

So that is the upcoming change for the podcast, but there are also some exciting things coming with the products that I offer which I’ll hold onto a little longer while I’m ironing out the details.

But rest assured, the Hormone Health Academy will still be around. Because I know that program works, I’ve seen the massive impact that it’s had on women from all walks of life and I’m daily so grateful that I’m able to offer this beautiful solution.

I am however adjusting the price. Instead of the $997 US that it used to be priced at, it’ll now be priced at $997 NZ dollar. And this come during the last intake, that I realised women from all over the world, but particularly in NZ wanted to join the hormone health academy but the US price tag put it out of their reach. So I’ve decided to change the cost of all my future programs to NZ$.

So I really hope that makes the next intake possible for you, as I would absolutely love to have you there!

But one very exciting announcement that I can share today is that I’m rolling out a new short course called the Libido Bootcamp: Secrets To Reignite Your Sexy Second Act.

This program came about because I’ve been listening to all of you.

So many women talk about how they are struggling with low libido and I wanted to offer a solution for that. Because I know from personal experience and watching others, that this does not have to be your normal.

And I also know the major impact that it has on marriages. Intimacy in a marriage is so important and I wanna help you to regain that.

Enrolments for The Libido Bootcamp will open early next week, so make sure you keep an eye out on our emails and my social media. I would love to have you there.

It’ll include 5 days of live trainings, you’ll be able to access the recordings if you can’t be there live, workbooks, Q&A’s and I would absolutely love to have you there.

So there you have it my friends.

I feel so grateful that I can continue to serve you in this way.

Thank you to those of you who have reached out in the last few weeks with encouraging messages, those that have been praying for my business and my message and those of you who show up to listen what I have to say every week. And thank you also if this is the first time that you have been listening to my podcast

I’m truly grateful to have you here

If I can ask one last favour, while you are here, would you mind placing a rating or review where you listen to your podcasts if you haven’t done that yet. This will help more women to discover my show and with that, solutions to the things they are living with every day!

Until next week my friend,

Bye for now

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