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E53: Women And Our Hormones: What Imbalance Looks Like

I’m sure you’ve wondered lately how it is possible that your body has changed so much after having babies…

You used to be able to manage your weight and energy levels, and now it seems like your body is totally unpredictable.

You may recently have heard about how hormones play a role and you might be wondering if this is the case for you…

So… let’s talk about hormones...

In a nutshell, hormones are powerful messengers that run the show. They determine pretty much every single function in your body, including

  • Metabolism

  • Libido

  • Energy levels

  • Mental health

  • Digestion

  • …and so much more.

So how would you know if your symptoms are hormonal?

“Although testing may be helpful, YOU live in your body every day and will be the best person to know if something is ‘not quite right’...”

So let’s look at 8 signs that your hormones might be unbalanced:

  • One whole week every month is a total write-off due to your period

  • Your periods are unpredictable and you just never know when they’ll show up;

  • You experience ‘spotting’ before your period starts;

  • You suffer from PMS, mood swings, anxiety or depression;

  • You have tender &/or swollen breasts;

  • You require pain medication for your periods, or have to change a tampon/pad after less than 2-3 hours.

  • You have breakouts in certain locations during certain times of the month;

  • You have cystic acne.

  • Your tummy feels bloated towards the end of the day;

  • You don’t have a bowel movement every day

  • You spend longer than 5 minutes on the toilet for poos;

  • You often experience diarrhea or a combination of diarrhea and constipation

  • This can be due to a low sex drive or

  • You experience vaginal dryness and therefore intercourse is painful.

  • You feel stressed most of the time

  • Your mood is just low and you feel depressed but know you don’t have depression

  • You often feel anxious

  • You feel irritable

  • You ride the emotional rollercoaster more often than you would like to admit

  • You wake up tired every morning, even after a good 8 hour sleep

  • You struggle to be productive or focused

  • You need coffee or sugar around 3pm to stay awake

  • You lack the drive that you used to have

  • You have been gaining weight without changing your lifestyle

  • You simply can’t lose weight despite restricting your calorie intake and exercising more than you used to

  • You require medication for headaches and migraines regularly

  • You suffer from eczema for the first time ever

  • Your joints and ligaments are inflammed

  • You use more lipbalm, eyedrops or moisturizer than you used to

  • Your hair is getting thinner

So you’ve nodded yes to many, or probably most of those symptoms. So what now? How do you ‘fix’ this?

Healing hormonal imbalance is not as easy as taking hormonal contraception to ‘balance’ it all out. In fact, hormonal contraceptives are likely to worsen the situation for you.

A real hormone healing protocol consists of FOUR PHASES. It helps you to:

🌸 identify your specific hormonal imbalance (ASSES);

🌸 identify the root cause of the imbalance and RESET the balance;

🌸 BUILD healthy hormonal pathways and support systems; and

🌸 MAINTAIN the balance by understanding your cycles and adjusting everything accordingly.

If you implement a framework like this, you’ll be able to address the root cause of hormonal imbalance, and understand your body enough so you can always:

🦄 understand the changing needs of your body;

🦄 adjust your lifestyle to support your unique needs; and

🦄 regain the confidence that you should have as your own best health advocate.

So now you probably have MORE questions like:

  • How do I know what imbalance I have and what kind of testing should I be doing?

  • How do I know what is causing my imbalance?

  • What is the best way to eat to heal my hormones?

  • Should I be taking supplements to heal faster?

And last but not least:

"How do I regain my energy, non-disruptive periods, clear mind, stable moods and libido, so I can get back to my career, family-life and marriage as the best possible version of myself?"

These are all GREAT questions

And, I’ll be honest, how are supposed to know the answers if we are not being taught about the MAJOR role that hormones play in our everyday lives?

It’s like travelling to a foreign land and expecting to immediately know how to speak the language. Because the symptoms that you are experiencing, is the language of your body….

It’s not gonna happen. At least not alone. And you don’t have to spend another few months or years, trying to figure this out alone…

I’m here for you and we are doing it together inside the Hormone Health Academy.

Here’s how it works:

  • We’ll meet in small groups for coaching, every week, for 8 weeks

  • We’ll work through the 4 phases of the body&i® framework to Assess, Reset, Build and Maintain happy and healthy hormones

  • Complete guides, cheat sheets and recipes

  • You’ll have amazing community support inside a private app. We talk about food, movement, wins, and when inspiration is needed

…everything you’ll ever need to regain your energy, heal your periods, clear your mind, have happy and stable moods and rediscover your libido…

but wait…. there is more

Bonus 1: Daily support from me inside a private app so you can get answers to your hard questions FAST and adjust the content to suite your unique needs and family dynamics.

Bonus 2: 4 weeks worth of meal planning done for you, including shopping lists and recipes (ps. these will become some of your family favourites!)

Bonus 3: Free introduction/preparation call to help get your mindset ready and set you up for ultimate success

but here’s the catch….

You gotta commit 100% to making it work (no half-assing)

You need to be ready to do things differently, finding REAL solutions and then IMPLEMENTING those solutions for the long haul so you’ll never require another program again to help with your average (or below average health)...

If you are ready to make that commitment to yourself, then YAY!

I’m so ready to help you do this thing - so hop on a call with me to chat about how you can get started!


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