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Every program I offer has been created to help you understand and heal your hormones

so you can build health, wellness, and a life you LOVE.


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My signature online coaching program that will teach you step-by-step how to identify the root cause of your hormone imbalance.

By the end of this course, you'll not only know how to heal your period, you'll also:
- Know how to use your
menstrual cycle as a superpower
- Take control &
heal your body and mind, including healthy digestion,
   emotional stability, clear skin, great sleep, improved mental health, &
   get rid of stubborn weight
Love the woman in the mirror again

modules over 9 weeks

weekly coaching calls

content & experience

Let's tailor it all to your specific needs, circumstances, and desires!

I'll be your personal guide, support, and accountability partner!

Get the best value with a coaching bundle or one-off sessions for flexibility.

Sessions will include coaching on lifestyle change, specifically nutrition, exercise, stress management, and your home environment.  Holistically, we'll address your weight dilemma, lack of self-confidence, food anxiety, and whatever it is that you've been trying to resolve for the last few years!


One-on-One Coaching


A 28 Day Food Journey For Weight Loss -

Meal Plan E-Book

Yes, you CAN lose weight and feel amazing - without ever following another restrictive diet again.

Feast is a 28-Day abundance of nutritious, gorgeous food that will leave you feeling nourished and satisfied.  It will become your way of living, which will lead to

  • an abundance of energy to keep up with your kids;

  • weight loss;

  • a healthy gut (no more constipation);

  • mental clarity and calm; and

  • hormone balance.

Delivered as an e-book conveniently to your inbox, it includes a meal plan for 4 weeks, all recipes for meals and snacks, and shopping lists for each week.

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