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84: Setting Myself Up For Success In 2024 - You Can Too!

So often we set aspirations and goals for the new year, only to forget about them soon after.  

This year, I've done my planning differently and I'm super excited about it.  It's turned out to be a daily action plan, which I know will make it easy for me to implement.

I've set goals in 4 major categories this year:


I hope this episode will inspire you make 2024 a year of action, specifically around your hormone health!  It's something you WILL NOT regret!

To help you kick off the journey towards happier and healthier hormones, I'm hosting a FREE 2 week coaching program called Thriving Through Perimenopause (TTP).  It's a program that will help you put things in place, which will form the foundation of your healing journey! The women that have gone through this free 2 week course can not believe I've given it all for free.  I'd love for you to join this intake. You can do this here for free!

I hope to see you there!

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