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E32: 4 Things You Should Not Be Doing For Weight Loss

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Weight loss is one of the biggest challenges for women, particularly after having their babies.

The last 20 years of 'advice' on weight loss has not done us any favours and have set women up for failure, because we are taught that weight loss is as simple as burning more energy than what we consume.

In this episode I share the things you should NOT be doing when trying to lose weight, and what you should be doing instead.


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Welcome back to another episode of my podcast!

This last week I’ve been working on an exciting new program, which I’ll be offering for free and I’ll share with you about that at the end of this episode, so stay with me.

But I wanna share with you why I’ve been creating this new program and why I’m offering it for free.

I’m so excited that I’ve now been in my business full time for an entire year and over the last year, I’ve been helping so many women to heal their hormones and their bodies. And what I’ve consistently found is that all of these women, including myself, have tried multiple times in the past to heal their symptoms.

Whatever that may look like for you.

For me I was desperate to heal my allergies, the slow weight gain that I couldn’t get rid of despite doing everything according to the book, low energie, skin conditions, painful lumps in my breasts, inflamed and painful joints, low libido, etc.

You may be struggling with weight,

Low libido,

Foggy brain and forgetfulness

Never waking up feeling rested in the morning


Irritable bowel symptoms

Maybe irregular periods or periods that are painful or heavy

Maybe you’re struggling with premenstrual symptoms such as painful breasts and skin breakouts

Or you may be struggling with uncontrollable and unexplainable irritability, just like I used to.

Or you may regularly be feeling anxious or depressed

Now some of the ladies that I’ve worked with have had more, what I like to call, big ticket items, such as autoimmune disease, diabetes, severe IBS, hypothyroidism, endometriosis, etc. The big things that doctors eventually pay attention to.

No matter where you are on this spectrum, I bet you’ve tried a few, or many different things to try and get rid of the symptoms.

And usually, those possible solutions come in the form of bandaids.

Now women often end up with me because they are trying to lose weight. Because I’m a dietitian, that’s the logical place to go right? And they expect me to write a meal plan that will do magic, despite their countless efforts to lose weight through dieting.

So I wanna take a few minutes today to talk to you about what these weightloss bandaids look like, versus what real solutions look like.

I’ve had my fair share of bandaid approaches and I’m sure you have as well.

They lead to a lot of frustration in the long term as you feel more and more confused about what is going on with your body, all while feeling dismissed or ignored by the very people that you go to for answers. Well that was me anyway.

So today I wanna share with you the 4 things that you should not be doing for weight loss. Things that serve as bandaids. And these things you may also find, become less effective as we get older and move towards menopause. So here goes.

The first thing that you should stop doing as you try to lose weight, is go on another diet.

This includes diets of all different shapes and sizes. They look like intermittent fasting, keto, vegan, banting, restricted calories, macro counting. Whatever it is that you’ve been experimenting with. Maybe you got some temporary results, maybe you got great results that stuck.

But I believe that we need a massive mindset shift when it comes to food.

Trying to address weight loss through diets is to slap a bandaid on the symptom.

Weight gain or sticky weight that you can’t get rid of, is generally the symptom of something else.

This can be estrogen dominance, it can be an underactive thyroid or it can very likely be due to your adrenal stress response. In most cases, when we address the underlying hormonal imbalance, the weight starts coming off.

Without any dietary restrictions.

In fact, women often eat more than before and then start seeing the exact opposite that they were thinking would happen.

See, for too long we’ve been teaching women and even healthcare professionals in medical schools that the only important factor in weight gain and loss, is the calorie equation.

The human body is not a mathematical equation, especially not the female body. There’s a lot more at play and there’s a lot of factors that get ignored in the doctors rooms and in the dietitians rooms.

So if you’ve been battling with weight issues, dietiting is only a bandaid. And by now, you know that it does not work.

You need some blood testing done, where your thyroid function particularly is checked, and you need to complete a clinical assessment to determine what your entire clinical picture is telling us.

And I bet you a lot of money, that your weight battles are not solely due to too much food! In fact, for some of you, you’re probably not eating enough.

The second bandaid is Exercise challenges & programs. Jumping onto every 9 week bootcamp challenge, thinking you just need to exercise harder.

We are trained to think that we need to eat less but also burn more calories.

So we start to do high intensity exercise and hope for the best.

But in the meantime, the fatigue gets worse, your periods may get heavier, more painful or more irregular, maybe your pms symptoms increase, you lose no weight and you feel great when you exercise and just after, but in general, your mood is not improving.

You have zero libido and you don’t feel confident or good in your skin.

And you may not even like the person that you are at the moment and you may not even like the exercise at all. But that’s what you feel you need to do to get rid of the weight.

Perhaps you know a little bit about my story, but for 10 years I did crossfit. I loved it, and I still do. Initially it served me really well, but after a while, my weight just started going up and I developed some very unexplainable health symptoms that nobody could diagnose or heal. It was incredibly frustrating.

But what was happening, was that my cortisol levels were constantly high.

In other words, I was putting my body under too much stress, all of the time. So my stress hormones were disrupting all of my other hormones, but also chronically putting my body in a state of inflammation. And what happens when we always have high stress levels, is that your body starts to preserve as much as it can. Which means you’ll lose less weight because of the internal stress response, and this will potentially make you increase your exercise even more and eat less, leading to a further increase in stress hormones, putting your body in a very negative spiral of weight increase and stress hormones.

What you really need, is movement suitable for the phase of your menstrual cycle that you are in.

You need to listen to the needs of your body and move accordingly.

More exercise will not necessarily help you manage your weight.

Exercise should not be done as an attempt to fix what we don’t like about our bodies. We should see exercise as a powerful tool to support our bodies. And if walking is what you need, then that is the very best exercise that you can do at that moment.

Thirdly, all the trendy supplements and health products are often bandaids or even nothing at all!

Did you know that the American adult spends about $40 000 on supplementation in their lifetime? That’s approximately $1000 a year. And what’s more, is that research actually shows that about 90% of all supplements used, have little to no health benefit. So randomly buying the trendy supplements out of desperation to get your energy levels up, lose weight, clear your skin outbreaks or heal your skin conditions, is probably just costing you a whole lot of money and frustration.

It is true that most adults, leading a western lifestyle and following a western diet, are likely to have several nutritional deficiencies, but just throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping something will stick is unlikely to lead to any results for you.

What I do however recommend, is that you get a full blood panel done and have a functional medicine practitioner or natural health practitioner look at those and help you put together the right protocol for you.

Make a commitment to walk the road with one practitioner that can help you to play the long game, that is more likely to bring results.

I generally recommend a full blood panel be done plus saliva or urine hormone testing done. This will help you to identify your specific deficiencies and hormonal imbalance and again, help you to determine a specific action plan to support that specific imbalance.

I personally use essential oils and other herbal supplements to support women through their specific imbalance and I’ve seen really wonderful results and I discuss this in detail inside the Hormone Health Academy. We do a clinical assessment through a questionnaire and based on the clinical picture, I can generally make some good recommendations. But a full blood panel is always ideal to get a full picture of what you are dealing with.

So I guess what I’m saying here, is that you probably don’t need all of those bottles standing on top of your fridge or microwave right now.

And then the last major bandaid that I see doctors and women use, is prescription drugs.

More particularly hormonal contraception, anti-anxiety meds or antidepressants.

If you are experiencing unhealthy weight due to imbalanced hormones, the last thing

you need, is to shut down healthy hormonal pathways, by taking hormonal

Contraception. Cause that’s what hormonal contraception does. Take my word for it, these medications are leading to further issues down the road.

Hormonal contraceptives are one of the highest prescribed drugs in the western

world, and what I find frightening, is that the majority of women who use these

drugs, have never been informed on the potential side effects or the mechanism of

how these drugs work.

Contraceptives are no solution at all if you are struggling with hormonal acne, weight

gain, lumpy breasts, heavy and painful periods or anything hormonal. So before you

decide to take those meds, make sure that you do your research really well and know

what you are letting yourself in for. And those include the pill, the patch, the depo

shot and the mirena.

I also wanna raise an extra word of caution if you have a teenage daughter that

a doctor has prescribed these meds for. Make sure you do your research before you start your girl on them!

I might do an episode in the near future on why I feel so strongly about this, because

I think it is important that you have all the facts, so you can make a decision that is

right for you!

So if all of those options that are offered to us as solutions, are only bandaids, what are the real solutions to start losing that sticky weight?

It might sound very simple or uncomplicated to you, but trust me, I’ve seen over and over again how these 3 basic principles significantly change the health and lives of women of all ages, including myself and how it leads to significant weight loss.

First of all, you need to see food as nourishment.

It is the fuel for all of your body systems.

If you don’t provide the necessary nutrients, those systems will not work optimally and your stress response will be activated.

So what I want to challenge you to do today, is to see every single meal and snack, as an opportunity to nourish and make each meal count!

Avoid fast meals and processed foods.

Instead, get in the habit of planning your meals ahead of time

Preparation is the absolute key to your success!

So be honest with yourself right now.

Do you ever think about the food that you eat? Are you trying to be intentional to nourish instead of just filling the hunger hole?

The diet mindset that has been cultivated in the media over last 20 years or so has not served you at all my friend.

So work hard on your mindset and identify the false beliefs that you have about food.

That will go a long way.

Secondly, you need to track your cycle and understand what it means.

Many women track their cycles, but only to know when their next period will start. There is a lot of information in your menstrual cycle that can shed a lot of light on your current health status.

Keep track of your period, but also keep track of when your symptoms appear to be worse or better, how long your entire cycle is, is it consistent each month, how long is your period, how heavy it is, how painful, etc. There is a lot to track and a lot that can be done with that information. So if you’re not tracking your menstrual cycle yet, I definitely highly recommend that you do that!

Then, once you’re tracking your cycle, you need to start supporting it. Different phases of your menstrual cycle means different needs for your body. For example, having a period is naturally a very inflammatory process and it’s important to increase the intake of anti-inflammatory foods during this time and reduce anything that will increase inflammation, like for instance high intensity exercise.

Understanding what your needs are during each phase is really critical to support hormonal balance and that’s why I have 2 programs available to teach women this skill.

If you would like to know more about those, I’ll post a link for you in the show notes.

And thirdly, I believe as women, we need to learn to respect our bodies and be kind to ourselves.

It’s not only ok to look after your own needs, practise good selfcare, talk about your hormonal changes during each phase, etc. but it’s absolutely necessary. For you and to change things for the next generation.

And I think it’s critical for us as women to take time to learn about our bodies. I believe that it has a significant impact on our families in that we can show up as the mom and wife and friend that we want to be and that they deserve.

So this is where my free 5-day coaching experience comes in. I’ve created this brand new coaching program in celebration of lmy 1 year anniversary, to teach you what the real solutions are. So you can stop relying on the bandaids and start understanding and implementing these real healing strategies!

And you’re officially invited my friend.

I’ll be running the very first intake for the Thrive Coaching Experience at the beginning of September and I would love to have you there!

All you need to do, is head over to and register for this event. But be quick, cause the seats will be limited.

So I’ll give you a sneak peak into what the program will look like.

We’ll meet for 30 minutes on zoom for 5 days in a row at 8pm eastern time.

During the first day, you’ll learn which symptoms are normal and which ones are not. If you’ve been struggling with fatigue, brain fog, low energy, low libido, weight gain, irritability, heavy or painful periods, acne, you name it, I’ll be showing you why these are NOT normal after having your babies.

On day 2, I’ll teach you how to get rid of those symptoms for good, without using the band-aid approach

On day 3 you’ll discover why all of your previous dieting efforts have not worked and what you should be doing instead.

On day 4, you’ll learn how to achieve calm and clarity and get rid of the mood swings and severe irritability.

And finally on day 5 I’ll teach you my registered body&i® framework, that all my students have used and are currently using to heal their hormones and their bodies.

You’ll get a gorgeous workbook, because the goal is that you’ll be taking action during those 5 days so you can start seeing positive results and change.

As these sessions will happen in zoom, it’ll be personal and you’ll get to take the hot seat during these coaching calls to ask your questions.

I literally can not wait to have you there and what’s even better, get a friend to join you so you can have an accountability partner!

So if you’re ready to start healing your body for good, head to and register today to make sure you get your seat. I’ll also be posting that link in the show notes.

Ok friend, wishing you a wonderful day.

As always, thank you for allowing me to be in your ears again today, whether that is on your walk, your drive to work or wherever. I’m so grateful to be a part of your life!

Until next week…

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