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E27: From 'Broken Body' To Understanding & Healing The Symptoms With Hannah Mackay

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

My guest on this episode will be an absolute inspiration to you!

Going from one diagnosis to the next, she knew something was wrong with her body but nobody could give her the answers that she needed.

After having her kids, she started struggling with eczema, low libido, unexplained weight gain, gut symptoms, food allergies and eventually type 1 diabetes.

Hannah shares how a proven, step-by-step framework helped her to understand her symptoms, identify the root cause (you guessed it, hormonal imbalance...) and experienced phenomenal healing in just 9 weeks!

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My guest on this episode is an absolute inspiration. Her name is Hannah Mackay and she is the wife of Luke, mother to 3 boys and Director of Music at her local church.

I am SO excited for you to hear this important conversation, dear friend, because it’s pretty powerful. In our interview, you’ll hear:

  • Hannah's battle with endometriosis

  • How Hannah's health went into a tailspin after having her babies

  • The lack of solutions that were available to her

  • How she found and implemented a step-by-step framework that and experienced phenomenal results in just 9 weeks.

  • How the process helped her to take her power back and lose the frustration of unexplained symptoms

I hope this episode is just as insightful and inspiring for you as it was for me. So if you’re ready to meet Hannah, pop in your Airpods, get comfy, and enjoy!

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