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E14: 5 Important Reasons Why You Should Have A Period

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Having a regular, healthy period is as critical to your health as having a healthy heartbeat. In fact, it is now accepted by medical experts that the period is the fifth vital sign, alongside heart rate, body temperature, breathing rate and blood pressure.

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5 Reasons Why You Need To Have A Period

Welcome back to this week’s episode of Beauty in Balance.

It just feels great to be here with you again today and talk about my favorite topic, periods.

Haha, that just sounds so weird doesn’t it? But if you understand the impact of healthy periods on a woman’s health, you’ll get it!

Sadly though, you may be experiencing very frustrating periods or maybe even live with the debilitating side effects of hormonal birht control

And it’s very likely that you are on HBC because of the frustrating symptoms you’ve been experiencing around your period and your doctor slapped birth control on you as a solution.

I’ll say what I’ve said so many times before, any form of birth control only provides a bandaid. It does not address the root cause, it only masks or suppress the symptoms. And quite often, it leads to more symptoms and side effects.

If you’ve been nodding your head as I was speaking, you need to know that it’s your body screaming at you and pill is telling your body to shut up.

And when you eventually go off the hormonal birth control, the symptoms will come back with vengeance because you never addressed underlying cause. It only prolongs the problem.

Having a healthy menstrual cycle with healthy ovulation and periods is a MUST.

It’s literally what lmakes us females!

We go through ovulation, which is the main event of the menstrual cycle, and when fertilisation of the egg does not occur, the endometrial lining is shed through your menstrual bleed.

And it blows my mind that this natural normal healthy cycle of being female is underplayed and quite frankly ignored.

That’s why most women my age don’t know anything about their menstrual cycle.

They don’t understand why ovulation is important and why it’s the main event.

They don’t know what a healthy period looks like and have no clue how to use their menstrual cycle as a vital sign.

In other words, using as a way to determe how well your body is doing.

Which brings me to the first and most important reason why you NEED to have a period.

Did you know that your menstrual cycle can tell you so so much about your thyroid health, your adrenal glands, your stress management system and so many other body systems?

And did you know that your period can be used as an early indication of serious disease?

Also, not having a healthy ovulation and period can in turn be the cause of many other things, such as cancers, auto-immune disorders, bone disease, mental health issues and so much more.

So it is critically important that you not only pay attention to your menstrual cycle and period, but that you understand it inside out, so you can take better care of yourself.

In 2004, the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research co-sponsored a scientific form called “The Menstrual Cycle is A Vital Sign” and medical experts presented evidence to proof that the menstrual cycle is in fact an effective indicator of overall wellbeing in women.

Now let’s just pause there for a minute.

Did you just notice that this paper was published 18 years ago?

Then how is it possible that the medical profession has not caught up with this yet?

Why is it that doctors still tell women that it’s ok not to have a period?

And I was one of those women, who never had a period for 13 years due to having the mirena?! And it was absolutely sold to me as a perk! No periods, how convenient?

Then, 11 years after this paper was published, The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists published an article called “Menstruation in Girls in Adolescence: Using the Menstrual cycle as a vital sign.”

This study found that, just as abnormal blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate and body temperature may be key to diagnosing potentially serious health conditions, identification of abnormal pre-menstrual and menstrual patterns in adolescence, may improve early identification of potentially serious health conditions for adults.

The ACOG committee’s Fifth Sign Assertion stated that if the menstrual cycle does not function within normal parameters, general health is at risk because multiple body systems are impacted by menstrual dysfunction.

Now I want you to think about your last visit to your doctor.

They probably checked your bloodpressure, your body temperature, respiratory rate and heartrate.

But did they ask any questions around your last menstrual cycle and period.

Did they ask about patterns in your menstrual cycles for example if they are irregular, heavy, longer than expected or really painful.

This provides us with critical information to determine overall wellbeing and early diagnosis of underlying conditions.

And here’s the hard truth.

Even if they do ask about this, a lot of practitioners don’t know what to do with this information. And quite often, we are being told that birth control is an easy solution to the period problems, skin conditions and many other things you may be suffering from.

So at this point, based on the literature that is now available, evaluating menstrual wellness should very much form part of any visit to your doctor.

Please don’t be fooled when experts tell you that hormonal birth control will be the answer to all your problems

Tracking and understanding your ovulatory cycle is not just important for when you want to have kids, it’s critical that you understand and track it from puberty, all the way to menopause.

Because when you know your cycle and understand how your body works, you’ll be able to heal your body. This is ultimately the first fundamental step to healing.

Secondly, tracking and understanding your ovulatory cycle can give your healthcare practitioner some really good insight, in combination with some lab test, of what’s actually going on when you are starting to experience some symptoms.

It can tell us whether it’s your thyroid, low progesterone, early peri-menopause, menopause or insulin resistance.

But when you are on hormonal birth control, these things can be much harder to discover because those sex hormones have been shut down, which masks many symptoms.

The third reason is that periods mean you have healthy ovulation!

Which, remember, is the main event of the menstrual cycle.

It massively contributes to overall health and wellness.

And unfortunately for many years, so much talk, attention and preparation has gone into the period, but it should actually be all about ovulation.

And here’s why!

Without ovulation, there is no progesterone!

And my oh my, do you even realise how much you need progesterone?!

You need to listen to episode 6 if you haven’t yet, but progesterone is our natural anti-anxiety and anti-depressant. With low levels of progesterone, your mental health will struggle big time.

You will also not sleep well and you’re likely to have acne and dull hair that’s thinning.

Progesterone also helps you have resilience against stress and is critical for healthy pregnancy.

The fourth reason why you need a period, is that your sex hormones have a bigger impact than you can ever imagine on your overall physical and mental health.

And we need the full menstrual cycle, including ovulation and periods, to have these hormones in full cycle.

These include estrogen, testosterone, DHEA and others and these hormones are critical at so many levels, such as metabolic health (aka maintaining a healthy weight), emotional health, brain function, heart health, bone density, energy production, immunity, sleep, to only mention a few.

Every single cell in your body needs these sex hormones for one reason or another.

So when these hormones are not at optimal levels, you better believe that your body will start to feel it. Believe me, I”ve been there.

The symptoms can be debilitating.

And finally, the fifth reason, is that your period forms part of your menstrual cycle, which is your superpower.

Yes, you heard me right, your superpower.

Unfortunately, traditionially, this is not how it was handed to us.

For many of us, it’s always been a source of shame, discomfort, anxiety, physical illness or whatever it is that your experience was.

I sincerely hope that this will change in the generations to come.

For our daughters and granddaughters.

But the fact of the matter is, your menstrual cycle is literally your superpower.

And I’ve come to discover this myself over the last while.

If you understand your menstrual cycle and each of it’s 4 phases, you’ll know exactly what your body needs during each of those 4 phases. And believe me, your needs are vastly different during each of these phase, which each provides you with opportunities to lean into.

So there you have it, the 5 reasons why I believe it is important to regularly ovulate and have a period.

Now, as a womens health practitioner, my main focus whenever I meet and work with women, is to identify the root cause of these period and hormone issues.

When period problems exist, there is always an underlying cause that needs to be addressed and should not be ignored.

Whether it be abnormal periods, short periods, painful periods, heavy bleeding, PMS symtoms, unpredictable periods and so much more.

These are important questions to ask your doctor next time, specific questions around your period that is not normal.

Because as you know by now, it’s an indication of what’s happening underneath the surface.

And it’s important to get answers to these questions that you feel happy with. That makes sense to you and that lead to solutions.

Real solutions, that address the root cause.

These questions should further be supported by proper lab tests, such as getting thyroid function tested, cortisol levels, testosterone, and looking at insulin, more specifically haemoglobin A1C.

We need to really be looking at all the connecting parts to try and find the real root cause.

So if you are really ready to start looking at searching and addressing the underlying causes of your problematic periods and imbalanced hormones, I’ve recently created a 7-day mini course called “The Periods Fix” which will take you through 7 days to start healing your period. This course is only $27 and will provide you with so much insight into the things that will be affecting your period. I also share my 2 favorite supplements in this course that you can start taking that will make a huge difference to your hormone health. I will link to it in the show notes.

If you’re just interested in finding out if your period is normal, or what your period is actually saying about your hormone health, I’ve created a free questionnaire that you can download and complete right now. It will also give you some strategies that you can start implementing based on the results you get from this questionnaire. It’s called ‘Find Your Period Type’ and you can find a link to download this in the show notes.

But if you are finally ready to address your hormonal imbalance for good, with a comprehensive program, enrollments are now open for the Hormone Health Academy. I’m super excited about this new signature program, that came as a result of the students that took The Happy Hormones Digital Course.

The Hormone Health Academy will be an 8 Week LIve Online Coaching Program and Digital Course that addresses hormonal imbalance holistically and comprehensively, and is tailored to your specific, individual needs.

Now because this is the very first time that enrollments will open, I’m offering 50% to all founding members. And this will never be the case again. So if you are listening to this episode before Saturday, May 7th at 12pm NZ time, which is Friday, May 6th at 8pm EST, you have until this time to use the coupon code HHA50 to get in on it.

The program will start on Sunday, May 7th EST and will run over 8 weeks, but you’ll have lifetime access to all the content.

So make sure you head over to to read more and to join the program. I’m honestly so excited to welcome you inside.

You can also find a link in the shownotes to this episode.

If you still feel like you are not sure if this is the right solution for you, you can send me an email directly with all your questions at, or book a 15 minute clarity call with me so you can make sure it’s right for you. You can find the link to book a call in the show notes.

Ok my friend, have a wonderful week until we meet again next week.

Take care of your body, and embrace your menstrual cycle.

I’ll see you next time

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