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Let's Make PMS
Suck Less.

Understand and address the root cause of PMS the NATURAL WAY.


2 Session times to choose from:
Session 2: 7pm EST / 4pm PST  
Session 2: 10pm EST / 7pm PST

Daily recordings available if you can't make these times

Image by Alexander Grey

Learn the 5 secrets you won't hear in mainstream medicine:

What traditional approaches are missing in terms of women's health


The cause of constant   fatigue  & the one simple strategy to change this for good


The root cause of PMS and the simple tools that my students implement to finally experience non-disruptive periods


Why calories and macros should not be your focus to maintain a   healthy body weight


Learn my body&i® framework that has helped my students to   consistently see life-changing results.


Here's what others have to say...

"It was beyond what I expected and I am so glad I did it.

You will be hard pressed to find someone that can educate you so completely about hormones, and that becomes apparent straight away."


"I've been craving this kind of coaching for a very long time."


"Vandghie is an amazing coach, she was so open & enthusiastic & couldn’t have given any more than she did.

I so appreciated her willingness to answer any question and support us all to see the best results."


A Word From Vandghie

Your personal Hormone Coach To Healthier, Happier Hormones...

I’m a qualified Dietitian that have learned through my own health journey that there is waaaay more to women’s health than conventional diets and exercise or that you’re doctor is ever willing to admit.


I’ve developed the body&i   framework that not only healed ME, but has helped dozens of other women to overcome their hardest health challenges to live in a body that is predictable, confident and vibrant.


Now I’m here to show you how to do the same and more…


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