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It's time to fix those



If you're here,
your period has likely been a bit feral lately...

And you're desperate to tame it down and get your sense of calm and control back


Your period is your fifth vital sign...

and if you're suffering from long, painful, irregular or heavy periods, something else is going on under the surface...

and I bet that hormone Imbalance is the most likely cause of your problematic periods...

But the great news is....
It can be fixed!

And it might be easier than you think

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The 7-Day
Period Fix
Mini-Course & Challenge

- Daily training videos with powerful challenges
- Hormone Fix Meal Plan
- Hormone Fix Recipe Book, with complete shopping list

Fixing Your Period Is As Important As Getting Your Pap Smear



Sometimes you're not quite sure how you are still alive after losing that much blood.  You have chronic fatigue as a result of the anemia due to all the blood loss.


You can never wear those sexy white pants anymore, as you never know when your period will show up.


You miss days of work and family activities due to the pain.  And it seems to getting worse every month.


Some months, your period can go on for 14 days.  No wonder intimacy with your husband is something of the distant past.

At The End Of The 7-Day Challenge, You Can Also Expect


The changes I will guide you through during these 7 days, will help sustain your energy levels so you can keep up with all the demands...

including kids, your job, marriage, cooking, friends, and everything else life throws at you.


The focus on gut health will lead to less bloating, constipation and IBS.

Gut health is very closely linked to hormone health, so by the end of the 7 days, you'll know exactly how to keep your gut happy.


Research shows that gut health and balanced hormones play a major role in mental health.

So expect to feel more calm, more clarity and less brain fog by the end of this course / challenge.

The Course Includes:

7 day mini-course with daily videos and supporting documents

Meal plan, meticulously planned to heal your period

Period healing recipe book with delicious recipes that the entire family will love​


Get Support Inside The Members-Only Facebook Group

You'll get exclusive access to me, my team and all the other like-minded women inside the program.  This is where you'll get inspired, share your victories and get access to myself and my team.



I continue making significant changes in my life.

My sleep is great.

My relationship with my husband is wonderful now, and I continue seeing improvements with my kids.

I’m finding out I am very resourceful, and can change my situation on a daily basis.

It’s making life exciting just thinking of all the possibilities.

I don't feel like I am losing control of my life anymore.

It’s like I am veering the ship 🛳 of my life towards where I want to go as opposed to feeling stuck and not seeing what I can do about it.

I’m ready for welcoming massive changes in my life, by implementing new healthy daily habits, educating myself, and being consistent.

One habit at a time, until each of them are so integrated that they become natural and I don’t think about them anymore.

hey there!

I'm Vandghie

I'm a qualified dietitian, specializing in hormones and women's health.

I used to also suffer greatly from hormone imbalance until I finally figured out the root cause.
My life has never been the same and I'm so excited for you to have the same experience.

I put everything into helping women just like YOU to live a life of confidence, health, and abundance.

Balancing your hormones doesn't have to be a stab in the dark or an overwhelming google search.

Allow me to be your guide on this journey, with a clear roadmap that will take you to a place you never thought possible.


This      for you if:


You are ready to take action FOR GOOD and want to heal your period and hormones for the better once and for all. 

You want to play the long game as opposed to fast, short-lived results.  

You are ready to prioritize yourself and give YOU the attention and love that you deserve.  Now is the time for YOU.

It's probably          for you if...


You want a quick fix and just the next food  frenzy or diet.  You don't care for long term health and wellness.


You are not committed to finding REAL solutions for your period problems


You already have all the answers and don't need an experienced, qualified coach to provide you with an easy-to-implement plan.


So what are you waiting for?

Let's do this!

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