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Ugly periods are a sign that something's up with your hormones

and learn what your period problems are saying about your hormones...

Whether your periods have been showing up at random times or
heavier and more painful after your pregnancies,

don't mask the symptoms with chemicals such as pain killers or even hormonal contraception...

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You may even have symptoms like:


Weight gain, particularly around hips & thighs


Lumpy Breasts

Exhaustion / Fatigue

Headaches / Migraines

Low (or no) libido

Breast swelling / tenderness


(irritable, depressed, anger)


I'm Vandghie!

For 20 years I never knew how my period affected everything about ME.

I never knew how to work WITH my menstrual cycle to feel my best.  In fact, I was unknowingly working against my body.

It was "ME against HER"


Like me, you've probably spent thousands of $$$ on pain meds, appointments, supplements and so much more to try fix your period, with no real solutions.

So I make it my life's work to help other women get to the bottom of their period and hormonal issues so they can experience a healed body, once and for all.  So you, too, can feel in control of your body.

I'm a Qualified Dietitian, Wife, Momma, Business Owner, Host of the Beauty in Balance podcast, and Passionate Women's Health Educator.

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Start Healing Your Period Today...

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