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On-demand mini-course and templates that will
Provide the Foundation for Happier Hormones, without spending hours on Planning & Preparing Meals
Get a practical framework you can use to plan and prepare your weekly meals, including the first week done for you!
On-demand mini-course
Guiding template
One week done
for you
Feeding yourself and your family should not be hard and stressful
Without the practical skills you need to plan healthy, balanced meals, it's going to cost you...
  • unbalanced hormones, leaving you feeling out of control of your body
  • higher stress levels as you try to think of meals last minute
  • wasted money on food that you don't need or end up using with high volumes of food waste
  • regular unnecessary trips to the supermarket 
  • buying food that will NOT contribute to your hormone health and overall health and wellness
  • increased cravings, PMS, poor mental health and overall unhappy hormones
you DON'T have to experience the stress around meal planning and preparation.
You can complete all your meal planning and grocery shopping in 2 hours or less per week!
You're likely to recover the cost of this course (and more) in the first week of implementing it!
This mini-course will give you everything you need to master the 'art' of meal planning and grocery shopping in next to no time
Eat food that will support hormone production and balance
Spend less than 2 hours on meal planning and grocery shopping
Save money on buying unnecessary items and multiple trips to the supermarket
Create pockets of rest in your day by being organized to help reset your nervous system and hormones
Plan meals that will meet all the nutritional requirements of your family
Reduce the daily rush by having all your meals planned and ingredients available
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"I could not believe the massive difference this made in my life.

Not only did I feel so much more at ease and less stressed, but I also experienced massive change in my health.  

I lost weight without trying, my moods and PMS eased, my cravings are something of the past and I feel like my overall wellness increased so much.

I'm grateful for the things that Vandghie has taught me and that I have found these skills and strategies when I did."

Rone van Zyl


"Just 14 days on the program blew my mind...  I've changed things, but nothing really hard, they were easy changes to implement. 


I'm sleeping better, I've lost a couple of kilos, I have more energy, and I don't have to count everything that I put into my mouth."

Tonia Krebs


On-demand mini-course
I share all the secrets of effective meal planning
Guiding template
to ensure you meet all nutritional requirements for you and your family
Excel template
first week of planning and recipes done for you

You'll have lifelong access to the course and all future updates
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