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I'm Vandghie

I'm an Entrepreneur, Clinical Nutritionist, Wife, and Mum!

I believe that health and wellness are something every woman can and should have.  

This means a more confident, energized, calm you...

Sometimes, you may not know where to look to find it, but it's there to be found!

I spend my days helping women just like you discover that version of themselves.

Are you ready to take control of your body, health and life?

Join me on this journey!

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Free Hormone Checklist

Stubborn weight, exhaustion, headaches, migraines, irregular periods, PMS.  These could all be signs of hormone imbalance.

Download the Hormone Checklist to see how many of these symptoms you are experiencing.

PMS Guide

Ever wondered why your PMS seems to be getting worse in your 30s and 40s?

In this guide, I highlight the 3 main reasons why women experience worsening PMS symptoms after having their babies

Free Weightloss Guide

Weight is an indication of overall health.  It is not as easy as a mathematical equation of energy in vs energy out.

In this guide, I discuss 6 of the most important and neglected pieces of the weight loss puzzle.  

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Rone, NSW, Australia

For the first time IN MY LIFE I’m aware of my own health and my happy self! 

Before starting the course I was exhausted and my mental health was heading down a dark and lonely road… When I signed up, I didn’t really know what to expect, I was just desperate for change… and Vandghie has helped me to turn all the bad around for the best!  My family is actually getting the best of me now and not the worst like a few months ago…

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Louise, France

Vandghie comes from a place of experience with hormonal imbalances so I knew she didn't just have the knowledge, but she has walked the same path. She shared information on a level that I could understand. I am now equipped to apply the knowledge I have learnt and live a happier, healthier life.

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Anna, New Zealand

"Working with Vandghie has totally transformed my life.  After years of not understanding my body, I am finally listening to it and loving myself, and I don't know if I ever felt this good."


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