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If you're exhausted of living life in survival mode, you're in the right place!



The Happy Hormones 28-Day Reset shows you on how to reset your metabolism, energy, and confidence by taking control of your body and it's needs.

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So, you've seen others live the life you want and you just don't know how to get there...

Feeling like you've got control over your body sounds pretty amazing but out of reach, am I right?


Enough energy to keep up with the kids.  Lose the fatigue and afternoon slumps and wake up every morning feeling energized!

A clear and confident mind, with less anxiety, depression and brain fog.

More body confidence as you get rid of the extra weight that JUST. WON'T.  BUDGE.

Periods that come and go without any disruptions.  No more PMS, heavy flow or painful periods.

All without restrictive diets, excessive exercise or prescription meds.

It's not just meant for others my friend, you can have it too (I'm proof!)



Finding hormone balance


Finding hormone balance

is not:

A commitment to YOU.  And the starting point is getting to know your body and the language that it speaks, starting with your menstrual cycle.

A quick fix.  You can't just 'slap' a plan into place and hope for the best.  It will take commitment and dedication.

I know what you're thinking...

How can knowing my cycle and hormones, change anything?

But here's the truth...

Most of your symptoms are likely to be related to imbalanced hormones.  Most women work AGAINST their body instead of  WITH it, due to a lack of understanding. 

This can lead to:

  • Fatigue and Brain fog

  • Poor sleep quality

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Weight issues

  • Allergies

  • Skin conditions and Acne

  • PMS

  • IBS and other bowel issues

  • Endometriosis 

  • PCOS and

  • Even Auto immune disorders



I believe that it is!

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Would you like to discover the real secret to have the health that you used to have in your 20s,
now in your 30s, 40s and beyond?

Your energy, body confidence, mental wellness, healthy gut and every other aspect of health is NOT tied to one single framework or secret.

And that's because YOUR body is unique.  And before you can implement a solution, you need to understand the real problem.
Long story short?  If your hormones are out of balance, no other diet, exercise plan or prescription drug will bring results until you address this root cause!

And you can do it naturally!


You don't need another cookie-cutter approach or the next best diet!

And by the end of this program, you will...

Get rid of the PMS and disruptive periods.

(you'll learn to understand and support your menstrual cycles and body)

Regain control of your body and live life on your own terms. 

(and learn how hormones affect every aspect of your body and life - you CAN take back the control of your body)

Know exactly how to eat and exercise to support your body through each phase of your cycle - no more food anxiety or restrictive diets

(you'll experience the life changing effects of eating to support your cycle and adjusting your exercise to your needs - trust me, this is when we start seeing the physical results)

Know how to support your hormones naturally, without the hormonal contraceptives and other prescription drugs

Experience Balanced Moods, A Healthy Weight And Increased Energy Levels

(and discover the impact this will have on your relationships, business, self-image, and overall health)

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The Happy Hormones 28-Day Reset

The only self-study program that teaches you to understand your menstrual cycle, identify hormone imbalance and bring balance naturally through nutrition, exercise, and natural supplements.

No one-size-fits-all belogus!


"For the first time IN MY LIFE I'm aware of my body.

Before starting the course, I was exhausted and my mental health was heading down a dark and lonely road.  When I signed up, I didn't really know what to expect, I was just desperate for change...

and Vandghie has helped me to turn all the bad around for the best.  My family is actually getting the best version of me now, and not the worst like a few months ago."

Rone van Zyl, NSW, Australia

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If you feel stuck and like you've lost control of your body (as if your body hates you), you're in exactly the right place.



Start today with  $197 and a second payment a month later


Happy Hormones



Pay in Full - Best Value

Happy Hormones


Best Value


Happy Hormones



Start today with $69 and 5 monthly payments thereafter

"Working with Vandghie has totally transformed my life.​

After years of not understanding my body, I am finally listening and loving it, and I don't know if I've ever felt this good.

I now have consistent energy levels and a more stress-free approach to life.

Anna Smart, New Zealand

What's inside The Happy Hormones 28-Day Reset Program:

Module 1 - Get To Know Your Cycle

What is a 'normal cycle' and how to prepare for it

In this module, we're going to discover the life-changing benefits of understanding your cycle and how it affects you physically and mentally.

You'll learn how to anticipate and prepare for each of the FOUR phases.

Module highlights:

     You'll understand the menstrual phase, what a 'normal' period should look like and
      what you should be looking out for.  You will also learn about different menstruation
      products and how to determine the best option for YOU.

     Discover the physical and emotional changes of the follicular phase.

     Learn what physical signs to look out for during ovulation and the real truth     
      about contraception.

     Understand why the luteal phase is also know as PMS and understand what your
      body is going through at hormonal level.

Module 2 - Hormones and Your Body

Hormones affects every body system and visa versa

In this module, we dive into ​how hormones will affect you on every level, including energy levels, weight, mindset, libido, sleep, and mental health.  We also dig into the biggest game-changers to balance hormones naturally.

Module highlights:

Learn how to not get 'bullied' by your cycle through implementing habits that will support you mentally.  This is vital, specifically during the pre-menstrual and menstrual phases.

Understand how hormonal imbalance can suck your energy dry and how to take good care of your 'motherboard'.

Discover how every single system in the body is interconnected and how important a holistic approach to hormone balance is.

The main game-changers that are likely to cause your hormone imbalance and how to start with small, non-intimidating steps towards balance and wellness.

Module 3 - Your Cycle, Food, Exercise and Lifestyle

How to work WITH your body and not AGAINST

In this module, we get very specific about replacing old habits with your new normal.  You will take control of your lifestyle and create an action plan to provide your ultimate support plan.

Module highlights:

You will learn how to adjust your diet for each phase of your cycle to ensure you optimize your energy, mental health and wellness during each of the 4 phases.

Learn how to plan your exercise for each of the 4 phases so you can work support your body and not put it under undue pressure

General self care practices for each day of your cycle.

Module 4 - Imbalance and Natural Remedies

How to use food as medicine to address imbalance.

Natural remedies for hormone imbalance, including supplementation and essential oils (deal with hot flushes, weight, lack of sleep, pms, heavy/painful periods and many more).

What are my symptoms telling me and how to support your body naturally

Here we specifically learn about each of the 4 main hormones related to women's hormone imbalance.  You'll understand how to identify the signs and symptoms and how to support yourself through that.

Module highlights:

You will learn the symptoms generally experienced for different forms of imbalance and how to understand which hormone/s need support. 

Total value of the course material: $1197

Crystal Salt

What's included

4 Comprehensive modules (lifetime access, including all updates), teaching you EVERYTHING you need to know and understand your menstrual cycle and how to adjust your lifestyle around it, so that you can move from exhausted to exhilirated.

(Value: $1197)

A comprehensive, step-by-step reset plan to help you implement new habits that you can maintain long term and start seeing results during our 28 days together.

(Value: $129)

My downloadable, inspirational Bliss Journal to help you keep track of your cycle (including all symptoms) and document your daily gratitudes.  This will help you understand YOUR cycle and become your guide during cycles to come.

(Value: $119)

You'll be given access to one module per week so that you have ample time to dive into the sessions and execute that portion of the program BEFORE moving on to the next.

We do this to protect your time, attention, and focus while sparing you from intense overwhelm that stops most in their tracks.

Each lesson will only take 10-15 minutes of your time and is supported by downloadable documents to support your learning.

Total value: $1 445

But because I want to make this experience life-changing for you, I'll throw in the following exclusive bonuses!

Bonus One!

Community Support

I believe that healing comes when we experience community and support from others that share our struggles and joy.
Therefore, I invite you inside our members-only community.
As part of this bonus, you will get:

6 Live Coaching calls, one per month over 6 months where you will have the opportunity to ask your burning questions live with me, while I take you through a small group coaching session.  All calls are recorded and you'll have lifetime access to those calls inside your members-only platform.

A space to overcome isolation and constantly refill your motivation tank.  You'll be able to connect with and be encouraged by other women who "get" the journey and are here to cheer you on.

Value: $1200

Bonus Two!

Food is Medicine - Superfood Recipes & Hormone Reset Smoothie Recipe Book

There are no 2 ways about it, healing starts with the food that we eat regularly.
That's why I'm providing you with these 2 Recipe Books  as an added bonus

Foods that will support liver function and detoxification processes.

Support healing at cellular level while eating foods that you'll love

Support hormone production and balance, one bite at a time with foods that the whole family will love.

Value: $39

Bonus Three!

Bonus Session with Mindset Expert Corinne

I believe in my heart of hearts that we are holistic beings.  And therefore, not only do we need to address physical needs but also the needs within the soul and mind.  

Mindset Coaching that will ensure a holistic approach.  Corinne has decades of experience coaching women through anxiety and mindset change.  You are in for a treat.

Practical strategies and tools to manage emotions through the different phases of your cycle.

My very own Bliss Journal for assisting you on the journey of self-discovery.   You'll be using this beautiful journal to record physical symptoms, mental health, and hormonal changes, along with your new lifestyle changes.  This is a wonderful tool for practical, permanent, and healing lifestyle change.

Value: $239

A year from now you'll wish you had started today...

learn to love your body today

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You'll get all of this:

Happy Hormones Program to work through on your own pace (with life-long access)

Comprehensive Reset Plan

28-Day Hormone Support Recipe Book

Bliss Journal

Food is Medicine Superfood & Hormone Reset Smoothies Recipe Books

Exclusive mindset lesson with Corinne

6 Live coaching calls 

Tailor content to your specific needs by getting all your questions answered

total value:


More good news!

Try The Happy Hormones 28-Day Reset for 14 days.  Get your money back if it didn't serve you.

I've created The Happy Hormones 28-Day Reset to give you all the tools and support you could possibly need to learn to understand and love your body, so you can get the most out of it!

In fact, I'm so confident that it will help you that I'm backing it with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Try The Happy Hormones 28-Day reset for 14 days, PARTICIPATE and implement the program and if you feel like it's not the perfect fit for you, we'll refund your investment in full.
You can read the full terms and conditions here.

Join the Happy Hormones 28-Day Reset today

You can enrol in The Happy Hormones Program today for



Start today with  $197 and a second payment a month later

Happy Hormones




Pay in Full - Best Value

Happy Hormones


Best Value



Start today with $69 and 5 monthly payments thereafter

Happy Hormones


hey there!

I'm Vandghie

Creating The Happy Hormones 28-Day Reset has literally transformed my life.

I've experienced first hand what it feels like to transition from feeling totally out of control of my health, to taking control of my body and implementing strategies to get the most out of myself.

More than anything else, I want to share that with you today.

If you're looking for answers to improve your quality of life, you owe it to yourself to at least take a risk-free plunge to see how this course can do exactly that for you.

To experience firsthand the sense of control and relief that comes with discovering the root cause of all your symptoms - and to take a tangible step towards transforming your life and that of your loved ones.

Should you choose to accept my invitation, I personally guarantee that the next 4 weeks will change the way you see and care for you body, which will lead to your body loving you for it!

I look forward to meeting you personally inside The Happy Hormones
28-Day Reset.

All my best



How much time will I have to invest into the program to be successful?
Each weekly module contains 3-5 lessons, each between 10 and 15 minutes long (meaning this could be 4 days of 15 minutes each day).  I made it my goal to make this as easy as possible for a busy lifestyle.  

Implementing the reset plan will replace some of your current habits and should therefore not take more than 10-15 minutes per day to implement.

What if I don't have a period anymore?  Will this course be suitable for me?
Absolutely.  Periods only form one small part of the complete cycle.  Even though you may not be bleeding, you are likely to still be experiencing a hormonal cycle.  There may be small exceptions to this rule, i.e. certain medical conditions or a complete oophorectomy.

I'm on contraception.  Will that make any difference or prevent me from reaping any benefits from this course?
If you are on any form of contraception, I would LOVE to have you in HH28!  this is where you will receive information to be able to make an informed decision.  I will not hold anything back and tell you ALL the facts that most healthcare providers never share.

Is this course a diet and will I get a mealplan?
I strongly advocate against diets.  As a dietitian, I've been in the industry long enough to know that I've never seen a diet that produced long-term health and wellness.

You will not receive a meal plan, however,  we will help you to implement new habits that will improve your hormonal and overall health, which is likely to lead to weight loss.  The idea is that you will never have to do another diet again!

Yes, we might be taking the longer route, but I'm committed to setting you up for long-term success!

How is this course different to other weightloss or wellness courses?
This course is aimed at women in their 30s and older.  This is typically the age when hormone imbalance (perimenopause) rears it's ugly head!
The majority of courses out there have a one-dimensional approach: energy in vs energy out.
This course is aimed at educating YOU on the different factors that contribute to health and wellness, including maintaining a healthy weight.
My philosophy is that the human body is not a mathematical equation, but rather a complex, beautiful creation that can only be understood by the person living in it!  I help you to understand YOU.

Will I have to attend all the FB live Q&A sessions to be able to get my questions answered?
Not at all!  You will have the opportunity to submit your question before the Q&A.  All live sessions will be recorded so you can go back and consume the content at a time that suits your schedule.
You will also be able to ask questions within the members-only Facebook group so you don't necessarily have to wait for the next Q&A.

When I join the Happy Hormones 28-Day Reset, will I be getting immediate access to all the lessons and modules?
Modules will be released on a weekly basis to ensure you never feel overwhelmed.
The first module will be released on 28 February 2022 and every Monday thereafter for 4 weeks.
You will however have immediate access to the Welcome Module inside the Members Platform and the Members-Only Facebook Group.

Join the Happy Hormones 28-Day Reset today

You can enrol in The Happy Hormones Program today for



Start today with  $197 and a second payment a month later

Happy Hormones




Pay in Full - Best Value

Happy Hormones


Best Value



Start today with $69 and 5 monthly payments thereafter

Happy Hormones


Family Portrait




You CAN experience the confidence, energy, joy, and control that you once did.

If you still feel unsure about wether this program is right for you, I would love to hear from you.  Let's have a chat.

Join the Happy Hormones 28-Day Reset today

You can enrol in The Happy Hormones Program today for



Start today with  $197 and a second payment a month later

Happy Hormones




Pay in Full - Best Value

Happy Hormones


Best Value



Start today with $69 and 5 monthly payments thereafter

Happy Hormones


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