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I'm Vandghie

An advocate for women's health, entrepreneur, health coach, course creator & adamant optimist, dedicated to helping you become the person you dream to be.

orn and bred in a small mining town in the Free State of South Africa, I always dreamed of impacting the world on a big scale.  I'm now proud of the influence I can have on women all around the world.


I qualified as a Dietitian in 2008 and now, through my podcast, online courses, and coaching, I help people like you feel validated, dream big about the life you can have, and implement meaningful action to create results.

I've always had a deep empathy for those who suffer, and it is my dream to reach as many women as possible with basic, life-changing education and coaching.

I am adamantly optimistic, love dancing in the kitchen to Fleetwood Mac, I geek out on self-development podcasts and spend many many hours in my office, building and creating content that will bring positive change.

I'm also smitten about my husband of 15 years, adore my children (although I'm probably the bad cop 98% of the time) and love embarrassing them by talking in silly voices and singing out loud.

After 6 years in the corporate world, I gave up the security of the 9-5 to embark on this journey of changing people's lives.  

I will never look back.....

I've discovered how mainstream medicine gives no credit to the critical difference between men and women.

Quite often, they prescribe hormonal contraception or anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication, when the answer is actually in the hands of most women that end up in their GP's rooms.

believe that it is crucial for women to understand their bodies.

This will bring the ability to take control and feel confident when natural changes happen.

This will also allow us to educate and empower our daughters to live the lives of their dreams!


For 10 years I was a committed Crossfitter, doing my workouts 4-5 times a week every week (yes, even when on holiday!).  And as a dietitian, I had our family diet down to a T!

But as I moved into my early to mid 30's, things changed with my body.  I started experiencing some health issues and the weight started creeping up.  I felt so confused and frustrated.

Nothing changed in our lifestyle, yet everything changed for my health.

And then I discovered the major role that hormones play and how this was the cause of all my fatigue, stubborn weight, inflammation, allergies and so much more!

I also came to understand the massive impact my menstrual cycle has on my everyday health and life, which sparked the flame within me to share it with as many women across the world as possible.


'm here to serve you, dear friend.  Everything I do in my business is fueled by compassion, a dedication to see you thrive and a

commitment to be a rebellious force for good.

I'm here to make a difference through my free content, online training programs, and everything in between.  To help you build a life that you truly love.  The life that you so often dream of.

Whether you've started on this journey of health and wellness, or you are at your wits end and desperate for change, I'm here to help you reach the highest levels of health, energy, vitality, and self-love possible and tap into the wisdom that lies within your body.


I believe that real change will only come with real commitment to yourself.  The ability to prioritize YOU in a life where everything and everyone scream for your attention...

This means you choose to respect and value your personality, your body, your sense of humor, your gifts, and your life story.

I believe that far too many women are trying to be something other than what they were created to be.

And by embracing YOU, you can fully blossom and experience happiness and fulfillment.

Yes, this is a business...

And yes, I sell things.

And I'm pretty darn proud and deeply grateful to be able to make a living while doing this.

But you should know that I make it my life's work to also provide you with incredible value in the free content that I create and share daily!

You should also know that I don't have it all together.




I have days where I think I'm crazy for the decision I've made to embark on this journey, I doubt myself and wonder how I'm ever qualified to do what I do, and I also have days where I wish I never got out of bed.  Just like you!

But my commitment is to bring you the very best that I can offer, while still learning as I'm living and being real and honest as I go.  Please don't expect me to be perfect.


But do expect me to challenge you daily, to provide you with support and the latest evidence-based facts, and an unwavering devotion to keep showing up and helping you to live your most satisfying and healthy life.

Thank you for reading this far, I hope that this is only just the beginning of our journey together.

I would love to learn more about you.  The best way to stay connected is to become part of my In-Crowd!

Thanx for joining, I'm delighted to start this journey with you!

If we're not connected on Instagram yet, head on over and say hello!  You can also find me on Facebook.  And if you want the weekly inside story, my In-Crowd list is where it's at.

Most of the time you'll only hear from me once a week, unless I have some time-sensitive or important news to share.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit.  I'm so happy that we are connected and I'm excited for the journey ahead.

All my love


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