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Welcome to the 14 Day Fast Track!

I love that you are here and have committed the next 2 weeks to YOU!

See this as the beginning of a very exciting and rewarding journey, one that I'm committed to traveling with you.

Let's get started!

Day Fourteen - You've made it!

Day Thirteen - Body Language

Day Twelve - Estrogen Dominance

Day Eleven - Long-term Commitment to YOU

Day Ten - Contraception

Day Nine - Cortisol & Bloodglucose

Day Eight - Your Menstrual Cycle

Day Seven - Animal Products

Day Six - Dieting

Day Five - Dairy

Day Four - Exercise

Day Three -
Portion sizes and calorie counting

Day Two - Gratitude

Day One - Self Awareness


During the next 2 weeks, send any questions you may have to and I'll answer them personally each Tuesday and Friday.

I'm excited to learn with you!

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